Unit 7 Paper and Powerpoint



Leads to Good

Camry S. Griffith

Belhaven University

MSA 670

July 26, 2021

Dr. Woods

Leads to Good

Ethics is a subject that is spoken on continuously in the business world but especially in the sports world. Ethics is not only a word spoke on continuously but it also tells a lot about a person or company. A company that has good ethics is usually a company many people want to do business with. They want to be entertained and partner with companies with a high ethical standard because it usually means that the company has a great business, great employees and has built a culture in the industry that could practically speak for itself. In today’s world ethics is important because now more than ever people try to scam people and try to treat them as less than they are. Even in a leadership role, good ethics is a key element to being a good and fair leader.

Ethics in planning to become a strategic leader is so important. Being a leader is not an easy job. It is was an easy job, everyone would become a leader. It is a tough job to become a leader and to align that leadership path with good ethics along the way. It can be hard for anyone. It is also sometimes confusing for leaders because sometimes to do the ethical thing is not always legal, and it can be vice versa sometimes it can be legal to do a certain thing, but it is not ethical. This is one of advantages of discourse ethics: it offers a morally grounded justification on which a global business ethics can be constructed (Garcáa-Marzá, 2012). There is always something a leader has to think about and but their pack first instead of self. It can be extremely hard to sort through things because everything is not always black and white, there is a small gray area.

In sports people love to take advantage of the next person. People do not always have good intentions for the person that they represent or a teammate or friend. It is an ole tale how agents represent athletes for years and when the athlete goes into retirement, they have no money because the agent spent their money. It is a prime example of a person or organization not having good ethics towards their clients. Big Data methods have a great impact in behavioral sciences, but challenge the traditional interpretation and validity of research principles in psychology and sociology by raising new and unpredictable ethical concerns (Favaretto, De Clercq, Gaab, & Elger, 2020). This is why the sports world has such a bad representation of rag to riches to rags again stories. It is horrible that in the sports industry, the talk of money and percentages can bring the worse out of people.

In the bible, the Lord speaks highly on leadership, he was the prime example of a good faithful, strong, ethical and moral leader. The Lord made and birth many leaders into our world throughout the bible. He spoke on many instances where he knew some of the leaders were not good, but he quickly turned them around and allowed them to walk in their purpose. That could also be true for many leaders in this world today. They could be living a worldly life, doing and saying whatever it is that they want to right now, but in due time God is going to bring them into their purpose. If it is to lead, he is going to create a purpose of leadership in their lives, if it is to follow, he will create the path that they should follow. It is through him where everyone’s purpose in this world comes from. He ordains everything.

It takes a very strong-minded person to become a strategic leader. A leader cannot think about self, it is about the greater good for the people around them. It is important that leaders keep their eyes on the goals that everyone around them wants to achieve. It is usually easy to help other around them too achieve their goals in order to get to their own leadership goals in life. Ethics will play a big part in the way a leader thinks and the way that they operate. People around them will also be able to tell if they have good intentions for everyone, certain people or not at all.

In conclusion, ethics is an important ground foundation that should be laid before any business is even thought of. It is important for a business to shape this element in their mission statement and ensure that it is an element that is always followed through with. Leadership has to be very understanding and convey the message of how important ethics is to the company and everyone around them.


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