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LEA5140 – Case: Prison X Leadership Intervention Strategy

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2 Case of Prison X

Leadership Intervention Strategy

Case of Prison X

Leadership Intervention Strategy

You are an organizational and leadership consultant called in to develop a leadership

intervention strategy (LIS) for the state’s largest prison. You learn from several members of the

prison management team that they and 30 other management-level staff are actively seeking

employment elsewhere. Mass resignations appear imminent. These staff members feel that

they are undercompensated, overworked, unfulfilled, and underappreciated. The group

consistently complains about the leadership style of the prison warden, John Trevor. He is

described as distant, cold, uninvolved, and apathetic. When you meet with John Trevor

personally, you are surprised to find a pleasant, unassuming gentleman who is shocked to learn

of his team’s displeasure. John feels that his management team is an exemplary group of caring

professionals, and he is deeply disquieted about the possibility of these individuals leaving their

jobs. John expresses grave concern about the safety and security of the prison, other employees,

and inmates should there be a mass exodus of the management team. He is now looking up to

you to assess the situation and develop strategies to mitigate these issues.

Over the next few weeks, you will explore the challenges and opportunities of this

situation. Clearly, significant gaps exist between the prison warden and his management team.

These gaps could conceivably lead to safety, cost, and operations issues. Consider the

ramifications of a prison lacking a committed and cohesive management team. As part of a six-

month LIS, you will develop questions, analyses, solutions, interventions, and strategies to

improve the organization’s leadership, employee attitudes, perceptions, communication, and