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 Laura Saldivar


      Masters Essential IV -Translating and Integrating Scholarship into Practice Recognizes that the master’s-prepared nurse applies research outcomes within the practice setting, resolves practice problems, works as a change agent, and disseminates results.

       I believe Masters Essential IV is most important at this time in my career as I am seeking a higher degree as well as recently changed departments from Telemetry to Intensive Care Unit. At this time in my current practice I am transitioning from a department where patient acuity was high, although not quite critical, and staff to patient ratios were grim. Nurses had 7 patients which was hard to manage and patients at times were neglected due to lack of staff. Being put

under these circumstances caused me to reevaluate how I could be more efficient and productive, and avoid the much iscussed nurse burnout.I am learning to appreciate in depth research on different aspects of nursing practice as well as outcomes from nursing practice. Upon reading multiple Nursing journals and articles I learned that In 1998, the National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators was established by ANA so that ANA could continue to collect and build on data obtained from earlier studies and further develop nursing's body of knowledge related to factors which influence the quality of nursing care (Montalvo, I., (September 30, 2010). This is a useful tool in our profession, as once nurses become more educated on research on hot topics within their specific practice, facility or specialty they will be able to contribute directly in the existing issues they see daily. In my current practice, I see a lot of pressure ulcers, falls, and hypotensive  patients demanding narcotic pain killers to name just 3 of the most common struggles within my facility. Using nursing essential IV in current practice influences nurses to apply what they have learned into current practice based on evidence based practice and most importantly results.

    Alternatively, documentation is another focal point of our practice that researchers have touched on. One article particularly focused on documentation in long term care facilities. "The main results demonstrated that a written statement on the patient's mental ability was lacking in every fourth document although 75% of the patients suffer from at least

moderate dementia in Finnish long‐term care institutions." (Astrid Tuinman (2017). It makes it difficult for other members of the health care team to track the progress or lack thereof with patients if correct documentation has  not been complete. This is yet another issue in which Masters Essential IV can be useful, to put into practice. Masters Essential IV can be implemented here and now within the nursing field and that it important as it begins with us.


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