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The population that I will working with will be 18 and older patients (inpatient facility) and the typically length of stay 7-10 days. Issues with placement or resistance to treatment can stay longer and a court hearing will be needed for these patients. Supporting family caregivers, assessing the needs of the family caregiver is important in this setting. Teaching essential skills to family caregivers ( nonverbal signals to look for or at , health care literacy, understanding the disorder, treatment plan, teachable moments that are useful to the caregiver)  Communicating with family caregivers (sharing information, discussion of common goal, family meetings, communication strategies, caregiver education). 

The physical, emotional and financial stress on the caregiver being some patients can’t work and be self-sufficient .Caregiver strengths and limitations so nursing interventions can be put in place to support the limitations. Caregivers cognitive and health status (they have to be healthy themselves to care for others) 

Modifying care plans with collaboration of caregivers (care plans have to be completed with caregiver input and capabilities in place). Working with nurses and social workers to find proper resources for caregiver support. The top five diagnosis on the unit at Jersey City Medical center is Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder, Major Depression, and Borderline Personality Disorder & Psychosis NOS

My plan is to attend virtual family support sessions with social worker 3days a week in the evening, (will see the type of issues the family is having and want to discuss). I will engage in pre-court family prep sessions with nursing leadership (where patients are in court and being committed involuntary against their will) 32 bed facility only involuntary goes to court the unit has 21 beds for involuntary patients and 15 beds for voluntary patients. 

Judge can order long term commitment in a longer facility, discharge home, continues the stay in the inpatient unit at Medical Center. 

I will interview the family support person regarding common themes, etc. Family support person that navigates the family through this process. In my healthcare history I’ve since how stressful caregivers have been to the point where they’ve actually people the patients in live in facilities because of the behaviors. They weren’t capable of taking care of the needs of them. They would be okay but would attack the family, destroy the home, and just were very hard to handle in the home setting. The inpatient unit offer Individual support support groups, network with other families for support