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Module: Management Research Project (BMGT3004L)

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Research Proposal Form

Student Name: K.G.M Mihiran Wijekumara Student Number: 17208525

Intake Number BSc 21 Module Title BMGT2004L

Proposed Project Title: An introduction of a recognition and reward system & its impact on employee

turnover Global Leading Conferences (pvt.) ltd..

1) Subject Area of Research

The topic of study must relate directly to your programme of study.

a) What is the module which your research will be based upon?

[×] Human Resource Management [ ] Managing Change.

b) Which specific topic from this module?

Topic - Performance Management & Reward Systems

c) Please indicate what is the research question in 30 words or less.

How Does an introduction of a recognition and reward system affect employee turnover

at Global Leading Conferences (pvt.) ltd.

d) What are your research objectives?

1. Outline the new recognition and reward system

2. Assess the impact of recognition and rewards on employee turnover.

3. Review the implementation of a recognition and rewards system within the


2) Rationale for the Selection of the Project (100 words)

Why is this topic worth investigating?

As an employee of Global Leading Conferences (pvt.) ltd, I have been witnessing the

company’s high employee turnover. High percentage of employee turnover negatively impact

on the overall productivity of the organization. In this context, there is a requirement for the

introduction of a motivational and reward system to cut-off this issue.

After conducting this research, it is easier to provide suggestions and recommendations as to

the ways a motivational and reward system helps to reduce employee turnover and thereby

improve the overall productivity of the organization.

3. Preparation for Literature Review

Literature /Other Research Relevant to your Proposal (150 words)

(a) What academic literature is relevant to your proposed research?

(1). Armstrong, M. (1999): Employee Reward. Second edition. London: Institute of Personnel

and Development.

(2). Brown, D. (2001): Reward Strategies, London: CIPD.

(3). Marchingron, M. and Wilkinson, A. (2002): People management and

Development: human resource management at work. Second edition. London:

charted Institute of Personnel and Development.

(4). Beardwell, J. and Thompson, A. (eds.) (2014): Human Resource Management: A

Contemporary Approach. Seventh edition.

(b) Have you identified other research that might inform your proposed research? (For

example from professional bodies, government reports, etc.)

(1). Stredwick, J. (2000) ‘Aligning rewards to organizational goals: a multinational’s

experience’, European Business Review, 12(1), pp.9-19. Academic Search Complete,

EBSCOhost [online]. (Accessed: 05 March 2018)

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