Unit 7 Paper and Powerpoint



Running head: ISSUES



Issues in the Sports Industry

Camry S. Griffith

Belhaven University

MSA 670

June 26, 2021

Dr. Woods

Issues in the Sports Industry

There are many issues that could be written on about the sports industry. My approved topic for the final term paper is the benefits of sports to a person starting from childhood to adulthood. I feel that based off of this topic, I feel an issue that arises from this topic is that sports effect children in a negative way bridging their childhood experience to how they act in adult hood. Sportsmanship problems in youth sport have recently become a more prominent issue for parks and recreation professionals (Wells, Arthur-Banning, Paisley, Ellis, Roark, & Fisher, 2008). Although everyone’s experience with sports is not the same, I feel that the in multiple shapes, and forms of fashion, it is taken out of context because sports can truly change a kid’s life. There can always be that chance of sports not being a good experience, but with sports we all know that it is not about wins and losses, but about characters, morals and ethics that are built in this person and allows them to grow into a better version of self.

I feel that this is an issue in the sports industry because I think that everyone has their own sense of perspective and thinking. We do not all think the same that is why so many of our own situations are unique, but I think it is also wonderful to have many perspectives to see how everyone arounds us feel. Some people feel that sports effect people in a negative way because they often times feel left out and isolated on the team if they are not as good as other players. Moreover, in addition to the beneficial stimulus for children’s physical and motor growth and development, sports practice through motor learning is relevant for beneficial cognitive ability (Mazzoccante, de Luca Corrêa, Luiz de Queiroz, Castro de Sousa, Castro de Sousa, Barboza Santos, Almeida Câmara, Pimentel Ferreira & Ferreira de Melo, 2019). Isolation of a team could cause for many things to happen like false thoughts of employers or employees that could rock the foundation that was built for the sport or organization.

At an early age being critics of an athletes own life is a hard place. They want to be better but sometimes what stops them are themselves. I say this because their life is always on display or always having someone input how they should complete the path or task at hand. Criticism is sometimes hard to bounce back from especially when someone is so used to being praised or feeling accomplished. The issue of continuing education, the growth, and promotion of science, is one of the needs of today's growing communities that have attracted young and talented young people (Firouzeh, Kamarzarin, & Irani, 2018). I want young athletes to understand that a mistake or mishap does not define them or their futures.

In conclusion, I think that changing the perspective on sports will be a benefit to the sports industry. It will add value to sports and what it could truly do for someone not only physically but mentally and emotionally. This will result in children to become adults that are well rounded people and not just stuck on the hot topics or what is going on around them. I think it will open the dialogue to be more open about things and not always sweeping unimportant things under the rug because although we do not feel a certain way, we could always go back and reconstruct that narrative of the story.


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