writing assignment, I want you to change everything but USE the same sources


HIST 105/305, RC Weller

Integrative Issue Essay (IIE) *800-900 words, 65 pts (6.5%) total *Due as indicated in the Class Calendar

Your essay topic will be: “Islam and the West: Conflict, Conversion or Coexistence?” The essay should be written in a strictly factual, encyclopedic manner. It should include a brief introductory paragraph (75-100 words) highlighting the main issues/concerns of the topic and making an argumentative thesis statement. The main body should then provide a brief summary of key historical developments (using both description and analysis). It should also include brief critical analysis of the most important issues/aspects/points of the topic. You must also explain how the main topic (‘Islam and the West: Conflict, Conversion or Coexistence’) relates to/connects with the RCI issues of globalization, Israel-Palestine and racism/racial inequality. You can make each of these connections at different places within the essay, as long as they are all included. Finally, the essay should end with a concluding paragraph explaining the importance of understanding the facts discussed in the main body of your paper for the present day. How can/do the facts discussed in your essay help us understand and respond to the issue of “Islam and the West: Conflict, Conversion or Coexistence?” in our own day?

You must use only required course readings and in-class handouts. No outside sources. Essays based on outside sources will be given a failing grade. Your essay should cite a minimum of eight readings plus one in-class handout. The eight required readings must be drawn from at least five different weeks. Citations should be in Chicago Style endnotes, using both full and abbreviated format

as needed. Citations should follow this example, with only a number in the main text which corresponds to a number at the end of the essay where you place your citation information.1

Your essay will be based on your WREs, but you should NOT simply copy & paste various sentences from your WREs into a document and turn it in. Your essay should be a flowing, coherent presentation which reflects refined, deeper critical thinking based on your completion of the entire course. It should be an argumentative essay which introduces and states a position on the main subject in the introduction, explains and supports that position in the main body with facts/evidence cited from the readings and class handouts, and then ends with a conclusion as described above.

I recommend that you start by drafting an introductory paragraph, then writing your main body and conclusion, and then going back and refining your introductory paragraph after you finish writing your main body and conclusion.

1 First use of source = give full citation info (use same formats as in LRAs). 2nd, 3rd, etc., use = Give only abbreviated info (author last name, abbreviated title, pg. #).