Homework help, week 12


Due 7/30


· Now merge all of your papers into one paper.  Make sure that the transition between sections is sensible, logically and flows well.

· Final paper has title page, body and references all following APA.  Use student format.

· Conclusion of your paper should be included.  This is where you will summarize what you found in your research. 

For your final paper, you will be editing your paper and ensuring that you completed all components of the paper. Please ensure that you have made the proper editing of your papers of Week 4, 6, and 8. Then you will combine these paper and make sure they flow properly. Most important please ensure that you follow APA formatting with a title page, proper spacing and information, and reference page. 

 Overall, this final paper isn't adding any new information but combining of information from the semester. There is no page limit as long as all information is addressed.

(I have attached the 3 essays that need to be combined)