MGMT Strategic Audit Report 5


My Company is RIVIAN

The Internal Environment

Strategic Audit Report

You will continue to develop Section IV of the Strategic Audit Report (started in  Activity 4.3 ) by adding three more parts to include Operations and Logistics, Human Resource Management (HRM), and Information Technology (IT).

It is imperative as a global business leader to understand all concepts and internal working in an organization to be able to make the right decisions for the future. Researching these three sections will enable you to understand further how your company operates from a technical and personal perspective.

Complete Your Deliverable

Provided are the guidelines to complete each part:

1. Operations and Logistics

· Provide a one-page detailed report of your strategic audit company's products, services, and manufacturing facilities.

· Do they produce their products internally or have them outsourced?

· If they are service-oriented, how are these services provided and what resources do they use? An example would be a healthcare provider of medical staff who works in a hospital, but the hospital is not owned by your company.

· What is their logistics set up and/or how are their goods and services transported and supplied to the customer?

2. Human Resource Management (HRM)

· Examine your company's workforce.

· How many employees do they have?

· What benefits do they offer?

· Are they union or non-union?

· What are the working conditions (especially if they have facilities in other countries)?

· Have they been protested by human rights groups for employment practices, or fined by the government?

· What is your strategic audit company's human resource office's overall mission or goals?

3. Information Technology (IT)

· Explain how your company incorporates Information Technology into its business model.

· Are administrative and customer services automated?

· Are the manufacturing and logistics systems automated?

· What IT trends do they follow and what is the future outlook for your company's IT utilization?

  Review the  Strategic Audit Report Guidelines page  for additional details on this course project.

Submit Your Results

· Each part of your assignment should be one page in length.

· All pages should be double-spaced, with sources cited and referenced using current APA formatting.

You should have a total of three (3) pages upon completion of all parts. Compile all pages of your document to submit to this assignment.