Social Assessment


8/11/2021 INFORMATION ON ASSIGNMENT #2: S WK-5373-995 1/2


Overview of the Assignment

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Common Questions

What if we have less than or greater than the designated page limit?

In my courses, page limits are designed to give you a reference point. The goal is to ensure you adequately meet the criteria of the assignment. If this takes you less pages because you are able to

8/11/2021 INFORMATION ON ASSIGNMENT #2: S WK-5373-995 2/2

be concise, you will not receive a point deduction. You may also go over the page limit, I just ask that you keep your paper to less than 15 pages to keep grading time within expectations.

I've never written an assessment before. How do you do this in APA format?

I highly suggest the use of headings and subheadings for this assignment. Not only will this help you conceptualize the information, but it will help you ensure you are completing all parts of the assignment. Here is an example assessment for your reference: Example Biopsychosocial Paper ( (

What do I cite in this paper?

You do not need to cite your interview with the individual. You will cite the information utilized to justify your rationale for the treatment objectives. There is also a potential for you to utilize references to support concepts or hypotheses for this client or information in the self-reflection portion of the assignment.

Where do I find assessment resources?

You may utilize assessments provided in this course or review the literature to find out what assessments may be used in the field. Additionally, your assessment could follow an unstructured format as a way to gather the information through a conversation. However you complete the assessment, I highly suggest being prepared with an outline or list of the information needed for the paper. That way you will be sure not to miss anything.