IFSM 201 Quiz Week 6

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Quiz 6

Question 1

Which of the following statements would be most likely to appear in a professional

association's code of ethics for its members?

Question 2

What might members of a professional organization be doing when they refer to the

organization's code of ethics?

Question 3

What is a benefit implied by holding membership in a professional association?

Question 4

Saved You are the owner of a small business. In the last year, you have started to hire employees

and you now have 5 employees. Each has his or her own personal computer and you have

hired a consultant to establish a local area network for your business. You realize that you

should draw up a user access agreement and a code of conduct for your employees. Which of

the three documents listed below should you create first?

Question 5

Of the choices below, which is the best definition of a cyberstalker?

Question 6

Which of the following statements is true?

Question 7

Would the following be considered a purpose of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act? Select

Yes or No.

To discourage internet service providers from allowing file transfers.

Question 8

Would the following be considered a purpose of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act? Select

Yes or No.

To outline penalties for bypassing or providing tools to bypass protection mechanisms built

into copyrighted software.

Question 9

(Yes/No). Using company-owned equipment and software, you

write a software program as part of your job requirements. This

is an original creation of yours, so are you free to use it outside

of work and even sell it to others?

Question 10

You make a copy of a software application CD or DVD to lend to

a friend. Is this legal?

Question 11

"While employed at this company, no information obtained in the course of employment may

be used to advance personal gain, including financial reward." In which of the documents

below would this statement likely be found?

Question 12 Which of the following issues would most likely not be addressed in an employee code of


Question 13 (True/False) An employee code of conduct will list illegal behaviors, but it will not list

unethical behaviors.

Question 14

Jason has a part time job in the office of a construction company and is also a student at a

community college. He often works on his homework during times when he is not busy at

work because the office computer contains the software he needs to do his assignments and

he hasn't been able to afford to purchase the software for his own personal computer. Which

of these unacceptable uses typically included in a user access policy might he most likely be

engaging in?

Question 15

Which of the following is usually one of the purposes of a user access agreement?

Question 16 (True/False). Social networking through such services as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and

YouTube have made significant changes to the way people gather and share information and

experiences. Downloads from these services are safe from data theft and viruses.

Question 17

Which of the following is the biggest risk of using social networking?

Question 18

In the scenario below, identify which of the three dimensions is primarily threatened or


The constant popups on his computer are making it difficult for Alfonso to accomplish work

that involves being on the internet.

Question 19

Saved (True/False). Making data secure means keeping it secret.

Question 20

Saved (True/False). In terms of database access, risk assessments should address those who have

legitimate credentials for viewing, entering, updating, or removing data from the database

and those who are restricted from accessing the database or who have limited rights.

Question 21

Saved For the following scenario, indicate whether the action is a good practice or bad practice to

safeguard your personally identifiable information.

Marina's personal computer requires a password to get access.

Question 22

Saved Which of the following measures is more likely to help you protect your PII?

Question 23

Saved Your computer shuts down every time you try to access the internet with your browser.

Which of the following is the most likely cause?

Question 24

Saved A computer is completely compromised when it won't turn on or operate. What is the best

way to fix it?

Question 25

Saved Using any of several different tools (Online White pages, Peoplefinders, Wink People Finder,

etc.) someone has found your name and address. What other information would be needed in

order for them to access your ONLINE bank account or credit card account records?