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Idealized Form in Advertising

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Idealized Form in Advertising Polykleitos sought to capture the ideal proportions of the human figure in his statues and developed a set of aesthetic principles governing these proportions that was known as the Canon or “Rule.” In formulating this “Rule,” Polykleitos created a system based on a simple mathematical formula in which the human body was divided into measured parts that all related to one another.

Polykleitos, Doryphoros (Spear-Bearer) or The Canon, c. 450-40 B.C.E., ancient Roman marble copy found in Pom peii of the lost bronze original, 211 cm (Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Napoli)

Though we do not know the exact details of Polykleitos’s formula, the end result, as manifested in the Doryphoros, was the perfect expression of what the Greeks called symmetria. In art of the High Classical period (ca. 450–400 BCE), symmetria, or symmetry, not only encompassed a sense of

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proportion and balance, but was also an exercise in contrasts. The body of the Doryphoros, for example, stands in what is termed contrapposto, meaning that his weight rests on his right leg, freeing his left to bend. In the process, the right hip shifts up and the left down; the left shoulder raises and the right drops. His body is brought into a state of equilibrium through this counterbalancing act.

Although the Doryphoros represents a warrior poised for battle, he does not don a suit of armor or any other protective gear. In fact, were it not for the actual spear that that statue originally held, it would have been difficult to identify him as such. A hallmark of classical Greek sculpture, male nudity or nakedness was understood as a marker of civilization that separated the Greeks from their “barbarian” neighbors.

Many of the most influential Greeks of this period, including artists, writers, philosophers, and politicians, were obsessed with the notion that one should strive for perfection while recognizing that such perfection was unattainable. The face of the Doryphoros is devoid of individual features, which suggests that he is meant to represent an idealized version of the everyman, the perfect Greek male citizen (women were not citizens). Yet, his body—proportional, balanced, naked, strong, and exuding confidence—is one that the viewer might aspire to achieve, but never could.

The information above was quoted from the Annenberg Learner website - Art Through Time: A Global View 13.9 Art: Doryphoros (Canon) ( global-view/the-body/doryphoros-canon/)

Instructions: 1. Find an advertisement that conveys the concept of idealized form. Like, Polykleitos and his Canon of

ideal proportions, advertisers often convey their products in a way that goes beyond reality. See, for example, the image of the Big Mac hamburger below.

2. Explain what the advertisement is and describe how it uses an idealized form to convey its message.

Polykleitos, Doryphoros (Spear Bearer)Polykleitos, Doryphoros (Spear Bearer)

10/11/21, 10:23 AM Idealized Form in Advertising 3/3

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This is an advertisement for a McDonald's Big Mac hamburger. The depiction of the Big Mac is taller and rounder in shape than one you would actually get from the restaurant. It is also more symmetrical in shape than an actual Big Mac. It has more vibrant colors and all the ingredients are visible and layered evenly. It is photographed from below to give it an exaggerated sense of scale. The advertisement also has ideal lighting to bring out the colors and reflections which convey a strong sense of texture, especially in the patty, cheese, and sauce. Also, the subtle rays of light that emanate from the hamburger make it seem as if it is glowing. All of this works together to create an ideal hamburger that's intended to ignite your appetite and encourages you to satisfy it with a Big Mac.

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Analyze how the ad. relates to the discussion theme of idealized form.

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