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Project Scope

The objective for this project is to develop a precise assembly method for the ignition unit housing on a turbine engine, while maintaining a durable housing design and reducing the manufacturing time needed to assemble the housing. The assembly method created will need to provide support against effects of vibration, thermal expansion, normal part dimension variation, manufacturing tolerances and electrical insulation from operating voltages. A prototype ignition unit assembly will be produced.The assembly will undergo full vibration and thermal stress analysis to test the strength and durability of the unit. The second objective and goal for the project is to make sure that the design reduces manufacturing time and increases ease of assembly. This will be verified by presenting the assembly in a hands on trial to Unison Manufacturing Engineers.

The primary market of the project is Unison Industries, and their customers. Customers of Unison Industries are within the commercial, and military branches of the aviation industries. The secondary market of the project could be any industry or company that could benefit from the assembly design. For example, the automotive industry or boating industry. The stakeholders of the project are Unison industries, senior design professor Dr. Shayne McConomy, team advisor Dr.Mohd Ali and the General Electric Company. The General Electric company is the parent company of Unison Industries. The improved assembly design will allow for the company to cut down on manufacturing time and most importantly improve on the design of the units and minimize error. Because of the importance of the ignition units, any error could cause a decrease in reliability, efficiency and performance.

The project assumptions are that all materials that need to be in the ignition unit will be provided for accurate testing, testing apparatus will be provided by Unison Industries, specs of current ignition unit housing will be provided.