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According to a reviewed nursing journal, a theory delegate to a collection of interactive statements which depict an observable occurrence is a systematic manner. However, concepts are mental notions of an event. Nevertheless, conceptual models involve both concepts and propositions which are presentations of association atween mental notions (TK & Chandran, 2017).

After reviewing the case study, I found that the main concepts and components of Betty Neuman’s systems ideal are the three stressors which include the intrapersonal, interpersonal and extra-personal. The reason why I consider them core is because the nursing of Mr. Reynolds should involve himself, the people around him, and those from far environments. Secondly, are the nursing acts which include primary, secondary, and tertiary stages of prevention. The levels are important because they concentrate on the unsteady aberrant influencing the patient’s response to conditions causing stress (Alligood, 2014).

Additionally, Sister Roy’s adaptation ideal has stimuli which affect the patient who is the biopsychosocial adaptive structure in a surrounding. Additionally, the other main concept involves the coping processes whereby the patient has to show independence, able responsibilities, and self-concept team identity which needs nurses to intervene (Thressiamma, 2010).


Nevertheless, the theoretical concepts of Betty Neuman’s model can be applied in Mr. Reynolds case in the following ways. For example, by understanding examining client behaviour’s, and the three types of stressors or stimuli affecting the client. However, a nurse can learn which is disrupting his wellbeing. Some of his stressors include post motorcycle accident, depression causing event and Schizophrenia, and the conditions of separating with his wife. After analysing the stressors, it would be vital to apply the nursing acts which involve the three stages of prevention. Lastly, after taking the core nursing action it is effective to understand the variables influencing the patient’s ability to recover from the stressors. However, through the analysed steps, the client wellness or health will be presented when the nurse takes the necessary interventions of helping the patient.

In summary, these reasonable and hypothetical nursing ideals assist to give information to enhance the exercise, direct research, and educational programs and distinguish the objectives of nursing actions (Alligood, 2014).


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