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Human Resources Management and Training

By Youman Wilder

New England College

Professor McDonnel

June 20th,


It is paramount that police organization's and departments have the best and most qualified persons, when dealing and serving the citizens of United States? It is important that the training in which an officer gets when dealing with the public does not make them hostile to the public as well.

It is important that dealing with police officers who every day walk out of their homes ,not knowing if they may ever return?

They are at times dealing with the public that is disrespectful, and hostile towards them, it’s very important that police officer's have an even keel and understands the function of his or her job to present fair and balanced approach to law-enforcement, even when it’s not as easy as people see it.

There are 18,000 Federal, State and Local county agencies, with 1 million people employed to look after over 331 million people according to the 2020 United States Census. With so many agencies there comes jurisdictions, and guidelines agencies must adhere too.

There are four branches of law-enforcement.





On top of that there are three levels of law-enforcement

Which are Federal, State and Local.

All three are under the umbrella of law-enforcement but all 3 are separate entities that makes sure that Law and order is kept in check in the United States of America.

Two of the most highly regarded police enforcement agencies in this country is the FBI

(The Federal Bureau of Investigation) along with the NYPD

The Federal Bureau of investigation has been around since 1908 but did not become what has become until the 1930s, headed by legendary FBI director Edgar Hoover.

The FBI is the standard of law-enforcement not only in the United States but across the world the application process to become a federal agent is rigorous

Therefore, you will need to pass a test, which consists of four components: 300-meter sprint, a 1.5-mile run, sit-ups, and push-ups.


FBI physical fitness test, background check, and medical examination

1-minute sit-ups: Men: 45-47. ...

Maximum pushups: Men: 44-49. ...

300-meter sprint: Men: 46.1-49.9 seconds. ...

5-mile run

FBI Academy is 20 weeks and over 800 hours of academics, fire arm training, operational skills

The Educational Component: 3 years to become an FBI agent one had to have at least a bachelors degree from college or university, unlike local police officers or county police officers who only must to have an high school diploma GED or Associates Degree.

The competition is vigorous and very competitive the FBI has hundreds of thousands of applicants per year who apply, only 5% will ever see the inside of it FBI office, they are extremely picky of the individuals they allow as FBI agents.

You must be in great shape to get in and maintain great shape in your entire career in the FBI

Unlike county police, Court police, local police and FBI agents are granted from time to time top secret security clearance, and deal with national security for the United States of America.this smetimes meass protecting U.S and world leaders

FBI agents are there to protect federal law this is at the core of its purpose.

Organize Crime. Public Corruption

Financial Crime.

Fraud Bribery.

Bank Robbery

Civil Rights.


Espionage. Drug Trafficking

All these crimes for fall on the way umbrella of the federal government, meaning the FBI would investigate and put People who commit these type of crimes on trail through the federal government not to the local government but through the federal government because it would be considered a federal crime. A Felony

The FBI is the principal investigator for the United States of America government.

Like local police they do contact surveillance is demanding a “authorized wire taps exam and business records investigate white-collar crime meaning Wall Street or embezzlement. They also participate in under cover assignments and click evidence of espionage for people who may be selling out the United States government for Financial gain. FBI like local police have to have a stringent educational background because of the vast amount of science in which they investigate Hard Science Engineering, Computer Science with experience of Informational Science.

Unlike police officers who can walk out of the Academy become a police officer, an FBI agent is required to have three years of work experience hopefully in some form of policing..

They will take people who have experience in the financial sector of a business, so when they have to investigate crimes and Wall Street, or white collar crime they have somebody who has the educational background and knowledge of how finance works to bring forth a trial and conviction of that perpetrator?

Unlike police or other agencies who only have jurisdiction in some areas, some counties or some parts of the state the Federal Bureau of Investigations has complete Control and access of any crimes throughout the United States of America they do not have any jurisdiction they have total power over many local, County, or state police department.

The FBI is the gold standard in policing not only in the United States but, in the world.

Police Officer Candidate Assessment and Selection.

'Although methods of assessment and selection of candidates vary among the approximate 12,000 local and state law enforcement agencies in the United States, many similarities exist between the longstanding departments. Some of the tactics used may include written tests, a background investigation, physical exam, and an interview. The majority of agencies must follow state civil service regulations. For example, the New York State Civil Service Commission administers the preliminary police officer exam and then reports the results to departments who supervise subsequent stages of selection and assessment within the regulations set by the Civil Service Commission. However, many larger city jurisdictions can administer their own exam while adhering to both city and state civil service directives'

Source: Decicco, David A."FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin"

Community police would be a little bit different or Parole Officer or a policeman or policewoman, who in many aspects only have oversight in some jurisdictions only need to have a high school education.

For over 100 years the only thing you had to be to become in New York City Police officer was a high school diploma, this was the standard until 30 years ago when NYPD officials decided that they wanted to have a much more educated police force ,and, now an Associates Arts Degree or Bachelors Degree is the only way you can become a New York City police officer. You also must live in one of the 5 boroughs. Brooklyn, Staten Island, Queens, The Bronx and Manhattan. unlike the FBI where it can take up to 3 years to become an agent NYPD has a 13 week training program and a 6 months of probation. The NYPD is considered to be the best Police department in the world, and like the FBI there is a rigorous evaluation period.

Police officer hiring process

The police officer hiring process is much different than that of any other job. It is not simply attending an interview and then being approved for the position. In order to become a police officer, you need to undergo a series of tests and each of them can disqualify you. The entire process is quite competitive and each police department can put more importance on a single element of the process rather than on the other. Nevertheless, the hiring process consists of several elements that are common for each agency no matter if we talk about local, state or federal law enforcement.

Once your application is accepted, you need to be tested in order to prove that you have what it takes to do the job. This includes checking both your general knowledge, writing skills, physical abilities, and your background. Here are the steps that you need to successfully pass through, in order to become a police officer:

Written test

The police written test aims to check whether the applicant possesses the basic knowledge to become a police officer. It covers a potential officers reading skills, they may need to read and also do a written exam? it is a timed exam and you must score 70 pt or better

Physical ability test

The physical ability test (PAT) checks the fitness of the candidate and their readiness to face the physical challenges of the police officer job. This is standard at the beginning of a NYPD career, NYPD is one f the worst and unhealthiest police force in the USA

Medical exam

The medical exam aims to confirm that there are no medical reasons to prevent you from doing your duties as a police officer.

Background check

The background check is yet another highly important part of the hiring process. All that you have provided on your application must be true and checked multiple times,

Polygraph Test

The polygraph test aims to determine whether the information provided by the candidate is correct. The exam is conducted by a polygraph examiner, anything false will automatically have you expelled from the academy.

Psychological screening

The psychological screening is usually the last part of the process and the candidate sees a psychologist and/or takes a psychological screen test. Are you ready? and if you pass this part you are more than likely a future NYPD cop

Oral board interview

If you have passed successfully through all the tests, you are invited to an oral interview where an interview panel. You get to tell your life story and how you can and want to make a difference.

Passing through all of these steps takes time, so we can sum up that the whole hiring process is about three or four months and the length depends on each agency.

In article written by Criminal Professor "Christine Gardiner" for The National Police Foundation (NPF) study-examines-higher-education-in-policing, she found that in the research that 30% of police officers have a 4 year degree, a little more than 51% have a two year degree while 5.4% have a graduate degree.http://www.fbi.gov/stats-services/publications/law-enforcement-bulletin



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