Nonprofit Assignment


HOMEWORK – Charitable Giving

Copy and paste the below questions in a new WORD document and provide your answer. Do not forget to put your name on the document. When you submit in D2L, include a copy (screenshots of website pages, scanned PDF of brochures, etc.) of the document you reviewed and analyzed. The document reviewed can be in PDF form.

All homework assignments MUST BE TYPED and include your NAME. Your discussion should be written using good mechanical, grammatical and spelling. You also should logically organize your paper: introduction, identify and describe discussion points, state your opinion and why, conclusion. Refer to writing rubric under important documents. Use 11pt font, 1.5 spacing and 1 inch margins. Discussion should be between 400-700 words.

Watch the video, The Way We Think About Charity Is Dead Wrong, TED, March 11, 2013. YouTube, bfAzi6D5FpM. In this video Dan Pallota talks about five areas where nonprofits and for-profits are unequally judged/evaluated. In this assignment:

Identify the five areas he discusses and how nonprofits and for-profits are looked at differently. We have recently talked about financial ratios and fundraising ratios which are the standards that most nonprofits are evaluated. Mr. Pallota brings this perspective into question. Explain why you agree or disagree with Mr. Pallota’s argument that we should be looking differently at nonprofits. Does that mean that we also need to rethink “best-practices” when monitoring nonprofits?