Read the two post below and answer the following questions for each post.

· Identify one element that you would recommend including in the S. health care system.

· Discuss why this element would benefit the S. health care system.

1. Jamaica Healthcare System

The country healthcare system I chose to write about is Jamaica. There are twenty-four public hospitals and estimates of three hundred and forty healthcare center, and ten private hospitals (Commonwealth Health Online, 2019). In Jamaica, there is public healthcare that is free to all citizens and legal residents that is subsidized by the government. But if the person is working, then they pay a share cost for public healthcare. This also includes prescription drugs. Which a third of the pharmaceutical are imported in from the USA (Commonwealth Health Online, 2019). There is a longer wait time to see a physician at the public hospital or clinic. If a person lives in a remote part of the island, they are limited to quality emergency care. You would have to travel to the larger cities like Kingston Jamaica. According to InterNations.org they stated that the public hospital is “often unreliable, frequently overcrowded, and have low funding from the government “(InterNations 2018). They also said that pharmacies usually have a shortage of free medication and offer overpaid medicines to the patient. So, this means many people go without prescribed medication.  But in Jamaica, they do have private healthcare institutions. Private health insurance is offered by some employer or those who can afford to pay cash for their care. Private healthcare provides a higher standard of care to their patients. It is said that people get a better quality of care in private hospitals vs. the public health facility.

Many of the island hospitals that offers state-of-the-art medical technology are a private hospital that accepts private insurance. They offer state of the art three-dimensional ultrasound scan, x-rays, CT scans, mammograms, fluoroscopy, etc. These hospitals are in located in larger parts of Kingston, Jamaica.

One pro for Jamaica healthcare is that they have free healthcare for their citizen. But a con to their healthcare system would be the shortage of free medication. This means many people are still suffering from their injuries or sick because they do not have access to the prescribed medication by the doctor.

Both Jamaica and the U.S offer free healthcare to their citizen.  Jamaica state-of-the-art medical technology is similarities the United States. In the United States, if you live in a rural area, you must travel to get medical care just like in Jamaica. One significant difference between the two countries healthcare system is there is not a shortage of prescribing medication for people who have free healthcare in the U.S. But in Jamaica, they are faced with a shortage of medicines because they do not have the same regulation as the United States for healthcare.

2. Switzerland HealthCare System

The country I choose to compare with the United States health care system is Switzerland's health care system. Unlike the United States, Switzerland has universal health care coverage. Switzerland offers and requires their citizens to get coverage. It is offered to each citizen from birth and if you have been a resident for at least three months. Each citizen will receive care even if you can't afford it. The cost an individual has to pay for basic coverage is CHF447(449.42 US). The quality of healthcare they receive is the best even if they have basic health care coverage. There are no unique services provided. Technology helps to reduce the cost of health care by optimizing operations. One pro of Switzerland's health care system is that there is no yearly turnover between health insurers. Con is that health insurance is no competition anymore. 

Two similarities between Switzerland and the United States health care system is that everyone is free to choose their own doctors unless the doctor doesn't accept their particular insurance. Without adequate coverage you may be asked to pay upfront out of pocket fees to receive services at the hospital. The two differences between Switzerland and the United States health care system are that a doctor has to refer you to be seen at the hospital whereas in the U.S. you can go without a referral. Another difference is if a woman wants to get an abortion her insurance will cover if up to 12 weeks after conception.