Health Promotion Planning Project


Health Promotion Planning Project Guide

1. Introduction

Description of current health problem affecting children or adolescents including national/state/local statistics.

2. Goal

Provide your specific behavior change goal (or goals) statement. This broad statement includes who and what. For example, to reduce fire injury among children in Logan County.

3. Objective

Prepare a list of measurable objectives that would indicate achievements of the goals. The objectives must be reasonable and achievable within the given time frame. It must include a what, when, how much change, and who.


+ + + =

By 2019, fire injury among 7-12 year olds in Logan County would be reduced by 5%.

4. Selected planning model: PRECEDE-PROCEED, MATCH, Intervention Mapping, CDCynergy, SMART, MAPP, Generalized Model for Program Planning. May use all constructs or selected constructs from model. Plan your intervention/program.

5. Implementation: When, how, who will deliver program? Program materials? Where will program be implemented? How long will program last? Who will help with implementation? Will it be after school or part of a school program?

6. Evaluation: How will you assess changes in behavior, knowledge, beliefs, attitude or skills?

- Process evaluation: When will you conduct it; are the materials, delivery methods working? (Are students able to read and follow instructions clearly? Is delivery time suitable for school and students?)

- Impact Evaluation: Any changes in knowledge, attitude, beliefs, skills (use program objectives as the standard of measurement). What will you use to assess this? (knowledge-based questionnaire, skills test?)

- Outcome Evaluation: Changes in fire-related injuries? (Takes not less than 5 yrs). Can get information from local health department, emergency room records, local newspapers, State Department of Public Health website, CDC etc).

How much Change

Good Objective