Communication between patients and nurse


Assessment 3: Health Assessment

Professional Communication in Nursing 2019: History for Nurse and Patient Interaction – Health Assessment

Scenario 3

Patient 3: History for Nurse and Patient Interaction – Health Assessment

Student (Community – Registered Nurse): Use professional nursing communication with the patient to conduct a 10 minute health assessment video interview taking into account the following:

• Introduction – nurse and patient • Situation – reasons for assessment, allergies, and relevant personal details • Background – health history, general health and psychosocial status • Assessment – observations, nutrition/diet, exercise, lifestyle, health beliefs and

values, and cultural/spiritual/religious practices • Recommendation – confirm health assessment information and implications for

well-being, recommend changes to manage and improve health and suggest timeframes for any plans

Assessor (Patient – Chester Abioye): You are cooperative, alert and orientated. You are willing to provide all requested information. You like to ask general questions of the nurse related to the health assessment and like to know your observations and if they are within normal limits. You are open to discuss ways to improve your health through possible changes to your diet, exercise, daily habits, and lifestyle choices.

STUDENT (General Practitioner’s Office – REGISTERED NURSE) Scenario 3: Patient- Chester Abioye Chester has come to see a Registered Nurse at his General Practitioner’s Office for a health assessment. Chester is not very active and feels stress and lonely living Australia without his family. He has suffered from depression in the past and wants to improve his health through regular exercise, eating well and by making positive changes to his lifestyle.

Chester Abioye: Male, height 187 cm; weight 73kg (BMI = 20.9). BP 118/ 70, HR 86, RR 22, temperature 37.0 C, SaO2 99% on room air.

Assessment 3: Health Assessment

Professional Communication in Nursing 2019: History for Nurse and Patient Interaction – Health Assessment


Scenario 3 Patient 3- Chester Abioye Biodata

• Chester is a 19 year old man (DOB-14th January 2000) and lives at 97 Leafy Avenue, Broadfields, 2173 in a share house with 4 other people.

• Chester has a girlfriend that lives in Melbourne who is planning to move to Broadfields later in the year to be closer to him.

• Chester regularly smokes about a packet (30 cigarettes per day).

• Chester often drinks up to 6 to 10 standard drinks (beer and spirits) when he catches up with two of his friends once a month.

• Chester was born in Zambia and came to Australia to commence a law degree but only did 1 year of the degree because he did not enjoy the course. He is now working at Aldi in the storeroom. He often volunteers to work overtime to save money to send back to his family.

• Chester mostly stays at home watching television. He rarely exercises because he finds it boring. He does enjoy emailing and talking to his girlfriend and family on the computer when he can.

• Chester says he is no good in the kitchen. He mainly eats rice, bread and meat. Sometimes he buys vegetables to include in a meal.

• Chester doesn’t like wearing a hat or using sun block when he does go outside.

• Chester does not follow any religion.