Research paper on " Global Cultural Differences"


Guidelines for Research paper

The Research Paper will be on an International Management and Business topic that is very important to the culture, climate and operational needs within the International activity.  An email will be sent to the student’s individual email with the topic’s name DURING THE SECOND WEEK OF THE COURSE.  D2L WILL PROVIDE ME NOTIFICATION IF YOU RECEIVED IT. 

Below is your assigned topic:

“Global Cultural Differences “



DUE DATE May 3rd, 2020.

Below are some extractions from the objectives of the course as stated in the syllabus:

The impact of the Covid-19 Virus has already and will have major impact on the ways that organizations, entities and countries interact with one another in the future.  Today we are seeing and experiencing major process changes to local supply chain management and many of these processes will remain after we return with the control of the Virus and its expansion.  Think about the process changes to grocery stores, fast food operations, many services activities, as well as banking, car buying in addition to the immediate changes to education.  

For the most part you are only seeing the immediate impact on education with the delivery of education as well as the support functions.  Daily and continuing it is impacting the total infrastructure and processes which exist within the functions and activities of the education environment. 

So, as you begin finalizing your research for your topic and start drafting please keep in mind the recent impact and future implications that you should be incorporating into your Research paper topic.

For instance:

· an outlook on future growth and expansion.

· background for international trade and investment activities and the international economic activity of nations and the balance of payments.

· Development of a working knowledge of the international monetary system, financial markets, and trend toward economic integration around the world as well as achieving an understanding of the political and legal dimensions that affect international business.

Each of these areas should be addressed within your Research paper Topic as the above will have an impact on your functional area or geographic area which is your Research paper topic.


D2L WILL PROVIDE ME NOTIFICATION IF YOU RECEIVED IT. The paper must use APA style (AN EXAMPLE OF APA FORMATTING WILL BE PROVIDED) and have a minimum of 15 pages (full page text from top to bottom margin – these pages are in addition to the Cover page, Table of Contents page, Abstract page, Reference page and Appendix page) with a minimum of 10 references in the reference page. Please review the Research paper rubric which will be provided IN THE DOCUMENTS SHARING FILES. PAY EXTREME ATTENTION TO THE VALUE OF THE APPENDIX. The due date will be Sunday, May 3th. There will not be any exceptions or extensions for the due date and time because you will have had 13 weeks to work on it.

Turnitin Tool

The Research Paper will be reviewed by the research tool Turnitin. Instructor’s cut-off acceptance is less than 25%. If your submittal reflects a Turnitin percentage higher than 25%, then the assignment will be viewed and graded as a plagiarism

submittal and assigned zero points. Accordingly, you should avoid any cut and paste and write your assignment in your own words. Avoid multiple words and continual words within a phrase, sentence, or paragraph from reference sources which will activate the Turnitin indicator of use of other authors or sources of copyrighted work. Also, avoid cut and paste from previous course assignments as this will also increase your Turnitin percentage. To review your work and the percentage calculation, post your submittal earlier than the cut-off date and time. It will reflect the percentage. Therefore, if you have a high percentage you can rework and replace sentences, etc. into your onwards. Then, post your assignment again prior to the cut-off date and time. Instructor will grade the last posted submittal prior to the cut-off day and time. Any submittal posted after the cut-off date and time will not be graded. If the late submittal is the only submittal then accordingly it will be assigned zero points. Thus, submit early instead of waiting until the “last minute.” Also, please do not email me as to why your percentage is greater than 25%. All you have to do is click on the “color” of Turnitin and it will list all the sources/reasons as to why your percentage is causing the over 25% and you can go back and correct your causes of the percentage. Please review the Graduate Student Handbook on the potential consequences of submitting a submittal that is