Answer questions about "Footloose" movie


“Footlosse” Project After reading over these questions, watch the movie “Footloose.” You can watch the original 1984 version, or the 2011 remake. The movie is available on YouTube, Google Play, iTunes, Amazon Prime, etc.

Answer 10 of the following questions. Each question is worth 3.5 points. It is very important that you provide the justification for your responses when the question requests a justification. Your answers will probably vary from question to question, but on average, half page answers should be sufficient. 1. What perspective or definition of adolescence is best portrayed in the movie? Provide evidence and

your rationale. (introduction of textbook) 2. Identify a character who appears to have matured early and a character who matured late. Name and

describe the two characters (especially if they were not central characters) and provide the rationale for why you believe he or she matured early or late. (Chapter 1)

3. Identify at least two examples of formal operational thought. For each, provide a description of the

scene or event and provide a justification for why you think it is an illustration of formal operational thought. (Chapter 2)

4. Identify at least two examples of personal fable or imaginary audience in the movie. For each, (1)

provide a description of the scene or event, (2) state whether you think it illustrates the personal fable or the imaginary audience, and (3) provide a justification for why you think so. (chapter 2)

5. There are a number of examples of behavior that may be viewed as attempts to define one's identity.

Identify two and provide the rationale for why you think the behavior is an attempt to identify one's identity. (chapter 8)

6. How would Baumrind classify the parenting style used by the male lead character's mother? The

female lead character's father? For each, provide evidence to support your conclusion. (Chapter 4) 7. The parents of both main characters engage in autonomy granting behaviors, but do so in a very

different way. Contrast how the male lead's mother goes about granting him autonomy with the approach taken by the female lead's father. (chapter 9)

8. Identify at least two examples of peer pressure. For each, provide a description of the scene or event,

provide a justification for why you think there was peer pressure, and identify how the pressure was conveyed (was it verbal, imagined, etc.). (chapters 5 and 9)

9. Identify at least two pieces of evidence of peer group structure in the movie. What does the evidence

tell you about the structure of the peer groups in that town/school? (chapter 5) 10. Identify a theme that captures how adolescent sexuality is portrayed in the movie and provide evidence

that supports your theme choice. (chapter 11) 11. Identify at least 3 scenes addressing intimacy and intimacy development in relationships and explain

why the scene accurately or inaccurately depicts intimacy development. You must include at least one example of intimacy in a romantic context, and at least one in a friendship context. (chapter 10)

12. Several characters in the movie engage in problem behavior. Identify at least three examples of

different types of problem behavior exhibited by the characters. For each, discuss key causes and consequences of the behavior (embedded within the movie plot, if possible, but you are not limited to the plot for discussion of potential causes and consequences. (chapter 13)