FINAL PAPER the combination of the my four phases APA FORMAT RUBRIC ATTACHED . The four phases are attached and feedback


Phase 1 Infection Prevention


Excellent paper, you provided an in-depth background on the selected topic (infection prevention). You followed the provided instructions and highlighted the importance of conducting this research as well as the necessity to do it. The purpose of the research was clearly stated, and you provided great research questions. However, for this class only select one research question and make sure to narrow your study to a specific population. Please make the necessary changes for the final paper.

Phase 2 Design


Hello Good description, you provided an excellent description of different articles related to the topic. Your literature review is clear and well organized. You followed the instructions of the assignment and provided a description of the method and sample selection in a clear and transparent way. APA is appropriate. Good overall paper, enjoyed the graphics.

Implementation Phase 3


Hello Great job highlighting the steps necessary to implement your project. You accentuated, all the different sections, including a timeline as recommended by the assignment instructions. APA is adequate

Phase 4 Results

Hello Good description of the results phase. You provided specific information regarding the overall result of the project following the assignment's instructions. However, there were multiple errors in regard to APA , specifically on the lack of citation utilized in the text and table formation.