family Interview. Compare and Contrast


Family Interview

HLT-324V: Transcultural Health Care

College of Nursing and Health Care Professions

When conducting the "Family Interview," please make sure that you inform the individual you choose to interview that you will be using their responses in a compare and contrast cultural paper for HLT-324V. It is important that people give you approval to use their personal stories prior to doing so. Please use this template and the following questions below when conducting your interviews. In addition to these questions, you are required to ask another three questions, which you are to include on this template. Please submit this template with your paper by the end of Module 2.

· What are your family roles/gender roles? How are they the same as or different from those traditionally practiced by your culture (who is the head of the household, who makes decisions, how are decisions made, etc.)?

· What does your culture and family see as primary family goals (education, marriage, etc.)?

· What is your culture’s view on alternative lifestyles (living together prior to marriage, domestic partnerships, single parenting, etc.)?

· What are your family’s religious beliefs, and have they changed over generations?

· What are your family’s spiritual beliefs around death and dying?

· What are your culture’s education and occupational status within the family unit?

· What are your culture’s preferred communication methods (verbal and nonverbal)?

· Additional question:

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