introduction of US HEALTH CARE sector



Assignment week 4 HMGT 300
Stakeholder organization name, mission and website link (can be copied):
*How is this stakeholder related to your managerial duties associated with the job role in this specific case-no more than 50-100 words:
Stakeholder brief: *2 HC managerial issues (as per your role) the stakeholder is affecting? *Who (population/group/industry etc. is represented by this stakeholder? *What the constituents gain achieving the stakeholder's mission goals? Identify and explain the stakeholder organization perspective from the position of interest and power on at least one of the following: • Payer (insurers, government payers, and employers) (for example, how CDC is affecting HC payers-insurance companies and the government) • Provider (entities and individuals providing services in the healthcare system) (for example, how CDC affects physicians, ambulance responders etc.?) • Patient (consumers/risk population); • Producer (a product developer). Identify an organization (an affiliated stakeholder) that each stakeholder partners with OR an organization that opposes the stakeholder (name, website) and describe their perspective on the same issue (payer, provider, patient, producer) as the direct stakeholder in no more than 100 words Is the direct stakeholder active at the time of the incident? If not, when and how will it be involved in the management efforts of the emergency. List points of linkage and directional communication between the response team, victims, the primary/direct stakeholder and the affiliated stakeholder.