Human Resource Management Methods


· Example of an Introduction

In several assignments, the introduction is worth 20/100 points. As you are expected to include one for all assignments, here are some guidelines. In a single paragraph, you would include 4-6 sentences overview of the topic and end with 3-5 sentences overview/road-map of the paper. Here is an example:


      There are several methods human resource (HR) specialists and managers use when determining which applicant will be the best fit for a position. One common selection method is telephone interviews that allow for an initial discussion with the candidate.  Another method is the behavioral-based interview where the interviewee is provided with specific employment related situations. Regardless of the method, it is important to determine if the  results of the job interview will predict if  a candidate will become a successful  employee of the company.  Researchers have attempted to understand the value of an interview and they continue to find valid methods to select the best candidate for a position. When the right person is not hired for a  position, productivity and employee morale can be impacted.  The purpose of this paper is to review a study regarding the predictability of behavior-based interviews for jobs. This learner will discuss the main points and the author’s findings of their study. Included in the analysis will be the reasons why some employers perform telephone and behavioral-based interviews. Some main features of equal employment laws and the importance of the laws will be reviewed. Five interview questions were developed that would be asked in the first interview. The interview questions were developed to be relevant, behavioral-based, and non-discriminatory.

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