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Service Stream Limited

ETA Mobile training for O&M Field Staff

Project Management



Welcome participants to the Induction Program.

Introduce yourself – Name – Experience within Service Stream/Career

Overall training overview

Guest speakers (if applicable)

Mobile phone placed on silent or turned off

Location of facilities. E.g. Fire exits, bathroom and kitchen



# Topic 45 mins
1 Welcome and introductions 5mins
2 ETA Training Manual – introduction 5mins
3 Starting your day 10mins
4 Work order, activities & routes 15mins
5 Ending your day 5mins
6 Questions & answers 5mins


Welcome participants, introduce yourself and other guest trainers & speakers

Talk thru agenda – 2 hr training consolidated

Talk thru roll out part 2 training – finance - Criag

Write down questions for end of training



ETA Training Manual

Important phone numbers

PCR codes list

Business processes

Role expectations

Escalation process and channels

Training manual can be used for:

Contact numbers

Processes and expectations consistency

Cheat sheets

Evolving manual and will be on SharePoint



Support & Escalation guide

Escalation point Contact details
Field Supervisors Your FS is the first point of contact for all enquiries and escalations.
WMC 03-90406127 [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
Finance enquiries [email protected]
NBN - Copper Workflow Management NBN - Copper Activation NBN - HFC FSO NBN - Copper Jeopardy NBN - TCS Tier 1 1800 626 936 1800 626 762 1800 626 225 1800 626 936 1800 626 662

All details on this slide are in the training manual

First point of contact is always your FS

If unavailable then try another FS or FSM

Contact WMC for all incomplete jobs

Finance can only be contacted via email

Contact NBN for all incomplete jobs



Beginning your day

Login to ETA Direct – Mobile

View all activities scheduled

Activate your route


Business Process
Role Expectations

ETA Direct works on all devices and ideal browser is Google Chrome

Login anytime – to view jobs

Look out for Business Processes and Role Expectations

Activate Route by 8am or 1pm else jobs will be taken away without notice

Introduce yourself – Name – Experience within Service Stream/Career

Password resetting can be done by WMC and IT



Work orders, activities & routes


Work Activities

Appointment details

EU contact details

Technical details

Required Tasks

Tests, notes and reports

Home screen – summary of days’ route and all jobs allocated

Two categories – Scheduled (appointments) and Non-scheduled (commitments)

Change order of jobs – by contacting WMC and NOT your Field Supervisor

Non Scheduled jobs MUST be completed by PRD or Scheduled date of completion

Dates – you can view history or jobs and view jobs completed in the past



Starting an activity (on-site)

Always start activities as soon as you arrive at the customer’s location, even before you get out of your vehicle.
All appointments must be started on ETA at or just before the specified appointment time. ATLAS must simultaneously be used to “On-Site” jobs.
You cannot start the second or lower numbered activity on the list without completing the first!

DO NOT start an activity before arriving on-site as it leads to EU complaints to Service Providers

HSE questions are always the first part of starting any activity

Complete JSEA form



Completing an activity

Read the scope

Enter PCR Codes

Input O&M as built details

SoR & materials information

Additional materials

Photos using evidence cam

Customer confirmation

Close on ETA and ATLAS simultaneously

To do this, ETAdirect will ask a series of questions to determine how the job was completed depending on:

The type of connection (FTTP, FTTN, FTTB, HFC) and

The type of work activity (installation, assurance or remediation)


Capturing this information helps to ensure information regarding payments and materials inventory is kept up to date.

Be prepared to attach photos as evidence for work completed if relevant

Customer confirmation is required to complete a job

Refer to Appendix 3 and 4 in ETA Training manual for list of PCR codes



Contacting WMC (Workforce Management Centre)

Operations Manager
Team Leader (TL)
SME (Subject Matter Expert)
OMMA Scheduler
OMMA Balancer
Remediation team
O&M Scheduler

For all “incomplete” jobs:

Contact your Field Supervisor

Request a sequence number

Contact NBN

Contact WMC

Priority Description
60 Accelerated Install ** High Priority **
99 Urgent on-the-day fast track Medical emergencies / Priority Assistance Matters affecting national security Circumstances where the customer identifies a risk to their safety

Contact WMC for all – cancellations, suspending jobs, changing order of jobs, NIA and all incomplete jobs

Based on priority numbers and appointment timings, some work activities cannot be rescheduled

NIA process –

on-site on time on site only,

call WMC after waiting for 20 mins from on-siting,

call WMC when you’re still on site



Ending your day

Deactivate route

Log out

Appendix 1  Escalation procedures

Appendix 2  Contact details

Appendix 3  PCR Codes

Expectations only – deactivate route and log out

If not, expect to get phone calls since WMC will assume you’re still working




Conclude by summarizing what topics were covered and ask participants verbally how they feel