multiple regression


/*------------------------------------------------------ SAS program file to analyze the EMMA dataset. VCL Help & Support info: IT Service HelpDesk: 212-998-3333, open 24x7x365 Ed Colet -------------------------------------------------------*/ /* libname of edc is a shortcut that refers to the directory and path where I put the EMMA SAS dataset. (note this is specific to my machine, and my directory. You should edit the libname statement to point to where you downloaded the EMMA SAS datafile) */ libname edc 'G:\My Drive\Fall2020\Week5\'; /* this generates a scatterplot graph */ proc plot data=edc.emma; plot total_cust_value * tenure; run; /* this generates a simple regression model */ proc reg data=edc.emma; model total_cust_value = tenure; run; /* generate a correlation between specific variables listed after var ... */ proc corr data=edc.emma; var total_cust_value tenure; run;