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Discussion Week 9


                   Evidence-based practice is essential in providing quality care, promotes patient outcomes and quality of life. Nurses should standardize the use of evidence-based practice to maximize their performance. Evidence dissemination is vital because it enhances nurse's awareness and enables them to implement evidence-based practice.

Most Inclined Dissemination Strategies

                   The dissemination of evidence-based practice aims to enhance and encourage the spread of information concerning evidence-based interventions to improve patient outcomes (Melnyk, & Fineout-Overholt, 2018). The first strategy that I will utilize in disseminating evidence-based practice information is user-friendly manuals and guidelines. Examples of manuals and procedures include practice guidelines and treatment manuals provided to all individuals in the organization. I will create policies and manuals that are friendly to the target group. Similarly, evidence-based treatment manuals serve different purposes. The information contained in different practice guidelines and manuals can be learned quickly. Hence there is no need to use a lot of resources in hiring experts to implement the programs.

The second strategy that will be used to disseminate evidence-based practice is electronic poster presentation. Adapting the use of electronic poster presentation is a way to utilize space and is more economical "green" (Betz, Smith, Melnyk & Tessa, 2018). The electronic poster presentation is displayed on a large computer screen. This type of dissemination can be instituted in the entire health care facility on computers in different sections that can reach wider onlookers. Using electronic poster presentation is vital because it is economical and make use of available space. It has been proved that electronic poster presentation results in the effective dissemination of evidence-based practice. My organization has recently inaugurated the service of electronic poster presentations due to its effectiveness.

Least Inclined Dissemination Strategy

The dissemination strategies that I would least incline to are online modules and workshops. Online modules lack feedback from the audience. For instance, the nurses are assigned education modules and given a check box to tick yes or no if they have read the modules. Additionally, the nurses can mark the check box to indicate that they have read the information while they haven't. In my opinion, the workshop's effectiveness will depend in attendance and is limited to the length of time of the workshop.  

Barriers that may be Encountered

There are different barriers that I may encounter while utilizing the dissemination strategies that I am most inclined to. I find that electronic poster presentation lacks sufficient space for information. Another barrier could be a lack of interest from the medical staff. Most human beings are resistant to change that needs to be adopted. Developing attractive and user-friendly manuals should assist in getting the attention of the medical staff.


In conclusion, all medical experts should always use evidence-based practice to enhance patients' outcomes and quality of life. Dissemination of evidence-based practice enhances and encourages the spread of information concerning evidence-based interventions to improve patients' outcomes. In addition, the use of evidence-based practice interventions reduces medical costs. The utilization of EBP to achieve the best outcomes are linked to the performance of nurses, therefore, enhancing and maximizing the nurse’s performance is crucial (Gallagher-Ford, Buck, & Melnyk, 2018).




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Reply # 1 Discussion Week 9

Hello Jewel,

I enjoyed reading your post.

Facilitate dissemination

        In my opinion, publications in Peer-Reviewed journals could be another tactic for disseminating EBP change to a wide range of healthcare workers. This will also require the findings for EBP to be seriously assessed and validated for easier comprehensive implementation.  Journals such as JAMA, AAACN, AORN and AJMWH are some of the most reputable journals that can be used to advance and disseminate knowledge of EBP (Melnyk et al., 2017).

How to overcome barriers

        I agree with the information you provided about poster presentations. Poster presentation information is limited, and the poster should appeal to the eye, which will end up being costly in most cases. Presentations can indeed have a barrier, such as a lack of feedback from the target audience (Birken et al., 2017).  However, using research studies and clinical evidence to back up the seminar might be effective in focusing questions and making clarifications. If the audience gets the opportunity to interact about the topic, share their ideas, and answer questions will make the presentation more entertaining and effective.  Furthermore, it is essential to relate the dissemination strategy and the target audience appropriately (Aarons, Moullin & Ehrhart, 2018).


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Response # 2 Discussion Week 9

Thank you for this informative post, Karena

Facilitate dissemination

        I like the way you discussed the strategies you would use to disseminate EBP research. Meetings can indeed disseminate evidence-based information since they don’t consume much time for research (LoBiondo-Wood, Haber, & Titler, 2018). Meetings will allow for provided information discussion, questions, and clarifications. 

How to overcome barriers

        I like the information you provide about social media since it is very detailed. The recent media revolution is the fastest and one of the most efficient ways to get the right message to a targeted audience. Lots of people expend significant time on social media due to the past year's improvement in technology. I will suggest ensuring that the media used is a trusted and professional site to add credibility to the information. Social media is also the right way of disseminating current evidence-based research; a population relies on the information obtained from cyberspace and the online environment (Aarons, Moullin & Ehrhart, 2018). Most nurses continue their education and have time-consuming jobs, and social media could allow them to research the information independently. Most nurses have computer literacy, and that could help them comprehend the information better.


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