Phil draft


Need two drafts of this paper which you have already done.

Part 1: need 1000 words (4 pages) draft with an argument in premiss-conclusion form*

Part 2: need 2000 words (8 pages) draft on the same question and argument**

Critically evaluate Anselm’s ontological argument in his Proslogion.


Charlesworth, M.J., ed. and trans. 1979. St. Anselm’s Proslogion: with a reply on Behalf of the fool by Gaunilo and The Author’s Reply to Gaunilo. Notre Dame: University of Notre Dame Press.

Clarke, Desmond M., ed. 2008. Berkeley: Philosophical Writings. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Essay Structure: Intro, Body Paragraphs, and Concl.

1. Introduction: the first paragraph should be up to 10% of the word count, and articulate two components:

i. Your thesis statement by answering and paraphrasing the essay question in your words (‘In this essay, I will argue that...’);

ii. Announcing your essay structure of each section or step. (‘In section 1, Berkeley’s argument is reconstructed... In section 2, I will consider an opponent’s view...’).

2. Body paragraphs: you will posit a philosopher’s argument in premiss-conclusion form, an objection to a premiss of it, and your response to the objection.

3. Conclusion: the final paragraph can mirror the introduction by paraphrasing. 4. References: don’t forget bibliography!