human resource management discussion 1


Answer each question and reply on one of your classmates answers for each question:

Question 1

What is the importance of human resource management as a strategic tool for an organization?

Classmate answer

Human resources management is essential to ensure that the company follows all the policies and creates a safe work environment. Any issues in the company will get reported to human resources, which allows them to find a solution to a problem. Without human resource management, issues in the office would never get issued and could cause the company to fail in many areas. They also help the company hire and train people in the company. Without human resources, new hires would never be trained, or essential documents could be put into the system. They can also check up on employees, help them get to know others, or make sure they feel safe in the company. Human resource managers want to ensure that employees are happy because they are trying to keep a low turnover rate. They are ensuring that these employees are well equipped and caught up on all the latest from the company.

Question 2

If a top manager came to you and said that they were thinking about closing the HR department and outsourcing all administrative activities to India, what arguments could you make to keep HR functions in-house?

Classmate answer

I could argue that they shouldn't just close the department but should do a group admin with both US and India. Having two regions may increase the need of employees making the structure more difficult to manage, but it can give an competitive advantage for the organization versus others by them having more resources that each location can bring to the table. There is a way for them to build a strategy so that both regions can come together and function. Once the department can figure out cultural differences such as behaviors, values, and assumptions they will be able to guide each other. This will help HR functions to help create a world wide department for them to stay in-house so instead of closing down they can expand.

Question 3

What are some examples of behavior that either yourself or a friend of yours has experienced at work that might be viewed as creating a 'hostile work environment'?

Classmate answer

Being competitive can be a challenge for me and my peers. Having am group of people that push me to do a certain job will create a hard working environment. But for terms of a ' hostile work environment' being that a person's behavior creates an environment that is sexual in nature and that makes it difficult for someone of a particular sex to work in that environment. The sexual obstacle within an organization should be limited due to how it can create conflicts between co workers. There should always be an understanding between workers that will keep both parties able to express feelings without taking things out of context. Sometimes I person can be over social and open to different types of topics but I feel that you should consider that within the hiring process to avoid having mixed personalities in the same work space. Knowing personnel is always important before gathering a group together.