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profileOmar Abughori

% (deltamod.m) function s_DMout=deltamod(sig_in,Delta,td,ts) % Usage % s_DMout=deltamod(sig_in,Delta,td,ts) % Delta - DM stepsize % sig_in - input signal vector % td - original signal sampling period of sig_in % ts - new sampling period % Note: td*fs must be a positive integer % Function outputs: % s_DMout - DM sampled output if (rem(ts/td,1)==0) nfac=round(ts/td); p_zoh=ones(1,nfac); s_down=downsample(sig_in,nfac); Num_it=length(s_down); s_DMout(1)=-Delta/2; for k=2:Num_it xvar=s_DMout(k-1); s_DMout(k)=xvar+Delta*sign(s_down(k-1)-xvar); end s_DMout=kron(s_DMout,p_zoh); else warning('Error! ts/td is not an integer!'); s_DMout=[]; end end