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Ashley Pisch

In order to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace, more companies need to make their resources more available and inform all of their employees of these resources upon hire. I have worked in retail for 5 years and if I were to experience some type of harassment I would not have the access to the resources I would need available without speaking to a manager to get the information. Also, managers should be trained and prepared to talk to their employees if another employee is harassing them and try to provide a safe and open work environment for their employees. Tangible employment action is when a supervisor demands sexual favors and when they are denied, they “punish” the employee (p. 803, para. 1). A hostile work environment can be created when a supervisor tries to get sexual favors or makes an employee uncomfortable with their actions without threatening to fire them or make work unpleasant (p. 803, para. 2). In cases like these, the only appropriate procedure would be to fire the supervisor and allow the employee to transfer if desired.

Mikayla McLeod

Sexual harassment is major topic of conversation in today's media and within the workplace. According to the book, "​tangible employment action and hostile work environment are two classifications of sexual harassment" (Section​ 39-2d, para. 1). No matter the classification, it has become a huge issue.

I think that every workplace should foster a friendly workplace environment for everyone. This can be done through education, policy, and an effective complaint system. Ongoing classes can help employees understand what is and is not acceptable and/or appropriate. It is important to create and enforce a comprehensive Equal Employment policy that details appropriate behavior and the way that issues will be resolved.

Many women do not come forward about their experiences with sexual harassment because they do not have effective way to do so without possibly effecting their careers negatively. The procedure should not include the person first going to their immediate supervisor, since that may be the person they are accusing. The employer should pick a senior employee, that is not the direct supervisor, to handle these specific claims.

The book says, "The existence of an employer’s sexual harassment policy and notification procedures will aid the employer in proving the affirmative defense in hostile working environment cases" (Section 39-2d, para. 5). Not only is it beneficial to the employer, it helps create a better work environment for the employees.

Alyssa LaMaina

The tangible employment action is when sexual harassment involves situations in which a supervisor performs an "official act" of the enterprise such as discharge, demotion, or undesirable reassignment due to turning down the request for a sexual favor (textbook page 803 para 1). This could happen in a

workplace where the supervisor puts the employee in an uncomfortable situation and then retaliates when not given sexual favors or advances in the work place. The ABC video mentions that most women who were sexually harassed in the work place never reported it. This could be for many reasons but the biggest one is fear of retaliation. When an employee is under someone who is sexually harassing them, they might feel like they have nowhere to turn out of fear of loosing their job. Protection about retaliation is talked about on page 805 and states that it shall be an unlawful practice for an employer to discriminate against any of his employees or applicants for employment. The women in the video also talked about the different types of sexual harassment they endured, one said it was during a meeting, one said it was in a restaurant kitchen, and one who worked in the field of marketing. I think it is important that these topics are discussed because this really does happen on a daily basis all over the world like talked about in the article as a reason for speaking out.

Jacqueline Campbell

In reading Chapter 39 and watching the video about sexual harassment in the workplace, I have come to the conclusion that sexual harassment needs to be handled in a completely different way than how it is being handled now. No matter male or female, sexual harassment should be reported immediately after the incident was taken place, but so many companies and businesses brush it off and do nothing about this serious matter. It has come to a place that women can't even voice their issues without seeming emotional. More policies and procedures need to be put in place in companies and businesses that are taken seriously and not forgotten about. In Chapter 39, Sexual harassment is classified as tangible employment action which involves situations in which supervisor performs an "official act" of the enterprise, such as discharge, demotion, or undesirable reassignment against a subordinate because of the employee's refusal to submit to the supervisor's demand for sexual favors (Textbook pg. 803 para 1). There is another type of sexual harassment that is called a hostile work environment and that occurs when a supervisor's conduct does not affect an employee's economic benefits but causes anxiety and "poisons" the work environment for the employee (Textbook pg. 803 para 2). A procedure that needs to be put in place is to protect and hear what anyone has to say about sexual harassment in the workplace. This is a serious offense and many companies and businesses are brushing it under the rug. Their needs to be action taken after someone claims that they have been sexually harassed and an investigation. There also needs to be punishments involved with such behavior.