Data Analysis and Research

Linda Dotson

Walden University

Data Analysis and Research

I once worked in the marketing department of an IT firm in my state. I worked there as an assistant and I would help the marketers come up with strategies to boost the number of customers the company received. I believe that data analysis and research would have greatly helped me come up with better strategies. Marketing involves the promotion of the products to a ready market, which requires a comprehensive analysis of the market. I would have done a thorough market research to determine the market niche that the company would fill. I would assess the needs of the customers and their current satisfaction with the services they receive. I would then use this information to inform the product development unit of the most appropriate product to develop for the market (Clow & James, 2014).

I would also do data analysis and research to determine our target market. I would look at the clientele we receive and identify a common characteristic between them. I would then ensure that our marketing campaigns were more directed to the individuals who fell in that bracket. Having a more directed marketing campaign would ensure that the company used fewer resources on marketing and would increase sales from marketing activities (Clow & James, 2014).

I would also analyze the customer feedback and experience after using the products. This would include the frequency and types of complaints received, the suggestions given and the number of customers who returned after purchasing our product. I would have then relayed this information to the quality control department to give them pointers on the areas of improvement needed for the product (Zikmund & Babin, 2007). This would have greatly helped to increase the sales of the company and would have made me a valuable asset to the company. The bottom line is, data analysis and research would have improved my performance.


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