Critical Communication



Using the format provided below, write a narrative for an incident report based on the video provided.

Assume you are the police officer who witnessed the motor vehicle crash. Use today as the

date of the incident and noontime (1200 hours) as the time of the incident. Use a major

intersection in your town/city/county as the location of the crash. Assume the only occupants

of each vehicle are the operators (operator 1 and operator 2) and that both sustained head

and neck injuries. Both were transported to a local hospital by your local emergency medical

services. Damage to the vehicles (vehicle 1 and vehicle 2) should be described in general. All

other details of this incident can be notional. You will not need to create a diagram of the

crash, assign fault, or detail enforcement action taken.

YouTube Video link Red light Runner T-Bones in front of Police:


Format. The following format must be used to write your incident report

narrative: Introduction

1. Provide your name, title, and agency name.

2. Give the date and time of the incident.

3. A brief statement setting the scene or overall statement about the incident.


1. Describe your observations.

2. Provide a chronological timeline of events.

3. Describe what happened, to include who, what, where, when, why, and how.

4. Include brief statements from persons involved regarding their account of the event.

Action Taken

1. Describe what actions you and other first responders took at the scene.

2. Describe what actions you took based upon your investigation.


1. Provide brief concluding remarks, such as referrals to other agencies or departments.

To pass:

Introduction contains appropriate information and accurately introduces the incident and author of the report. Introduction is of the appropriate length.

Narrative accurately and concisely describes the details of the event.

Action taken and conclusion level of detail for Action Taken section is clear and appropriate. Conclusion is accurate and concise. Both sections include necessary information to fulfill the requirements of the assignment.

Writing mechanics: Writing indicates overall clarity and fluency. Uses proper grammar and spelling. No mechanical errors.