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Creating Supportive Learning Environments

Supportive learning environments are critical to the success of diverse students. We know from research that school climate is perceived more positively by some students than others. Feelings of safety and security help to fill the social-emotional needs of learners, parents, and community members. Use the questions to guide an original post and responses to at least two classmates. APA citations are required only in the original response.

· In what ways does your school environment support the social-emotional needs of all students, especially those who might feel alienated or excluded?

· What are teachers and administrators doing to create a healthy and inclusive learning environment, and how are they involving students in creating a climate of inclusion?

· What are you doing in the classroom to create an environment within which all students feel supported and accepted and can realize their potential?

· How are parents and community members involved in creating a supportive learning environment, school climate, and school culture?