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Community Teaching Proposal

Community Teaching Work Plan Proposal

Directions: Develop an educational series proposal for your community using one of the following four topics:

1) Bioterrorism/Disaster

2) Environmental Issues

3) Primary Prevention/Health Promotion

4) Secondary Prevention/Screenings for a Vulnerable Population

Planning Before Teaching:

Name and Credentials of Teacher:


Estimated Time Teaching Will Last:

Location of Teaching:


Supplies, Material, Equipment Needed:

Printed word documents and poster

Estimated Cost:


Community and Target Aggregate:

4th graders and classroom teacher.


Primary Prevention/Health Promotion. Adolescent Health: Decreasing Risky Behaviors.

Epidemiological Rationale for Topic (statistics related to the topic):

On the basis of incidence and control of disease prevailing in population, medical science has rationale for the purpose of addressing the nutrition and diet of the individuals (Merriam-Webster, 2018). The result of many findings proved that there is a link between what individual eats or consumes and how individuals live life lives for having the best health and mortality. So, for preventing diseases and having the best possible life it is essential to develop and implement healthy habits which would have a positive impact on the lifestyle as well.


“In U.S. the leading causes of death are physical inactivity and unhealthy eating”

· Diseases such as cancer and diabetes are the one of the leading causes of death in the United States which are connected to having an unhealthy lifestyle and diet.

· When researchers made a comparison between the risk factors and the mortality due to many causes, they found out that high BMI, lung cancer, high blood sugar, heart attack, and high blood pressure are all among the leading factors causing mortality.

· Tobacco is among the leading risk factors for causing death of people (Center for Science in the Public Interest, 2019).

Nursing Diagnosis (NDx): Wellness Diagnosis / Health Promotion Diagnosis

NDx is the activity or nutrition imbalance which is due to more or less intake and the output that are the body requirements of the individual and it can be harmful to the health of an individual. The aim of the nursing diagnosis is the identification the priorities and tips and using appropriate interventions among communities which are near Colusa Medical Centre in California. The 18 years old individual is the participant who should have an interest in physical activities and nutrition, and they are linked to health. The judgment and clinical diagnosis are for motivating individuals for increasing the wellbeing of the community and making the community well to a higher level (Vera, 2019).

Readiness for Learning:

The proposal is holistic, and the proposal includes the initial concept of diagnosis along with the readiness as a group and as the individual spiritually, physically, emotionally, mentally, and intellectually (Vera, 2019).

Learning Theory which needs to Be Utilized:

The learning theory which needs to be utilized is for promoting the awareness for defining the characteristics and the diagnosis behavior along with the related factors and intervention which are suited for the treatment of diagnosis (Vera, 2019).


For goals for teaching, the Healthy People 2020 will be used. The health and human services department of U.S. has produced numerous pieces of information on many topics which affect the health of individuals globally. Most of the objectives which are of significant importance for improving health are affected by the individual physical activities and the nutritional (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC], 2019). Thus, for following the goals and for achieving a life of high quality through intervention and prevention, the teaching plan should include particular recommendations for the modification of behavior in the daily routine of the individuals.

How Does This HP2020 Objective Relate to Alma Ata’s Health for All Global Initiatives?

HP2020 respond to a significant extent to the Alma Ala Declaration of 1978, which took place for gaining a new perspective on global mortality and health. It dictates that we learn from the events which took place in the past and then apply this knowledge to future (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC], 2019).

Concerning the public health, it is found out that physical activity and nutrition plays an important part in reducing the health complication and risk in many of the population. People should learn and take advantage of the knowledge that which health remedy is naturally helpful and thus should use them.

Develop Behavioral Objectives (Including Domains), Content, and Strategies/Methods:

Behavioral Modifications

The Class Substance


(Cognitive Domain)

The individual will think about their diet and how to improve their routines.

Avoid processed products, make a grocery list.

Prevention vs Intervention


Choosing activities and food which are practical in individual daily routine

Seeing labels, in the beginning, the things highest in the content are present. The list should not be longer than three individuals

Adjusting lifestyle and behavior along with the consumption of food

It does not have details on substance abuse as the focus is on physical activity and food.


PowerPoint presentation for creating a more attractive diet and to impress on eight strategies to wellness.

Question and Answer are at the end.

1, find foods that are healthy choices

1. fast food can lead to obesity

1. Fresh vs frozen

2. size of serving (best meal first 1) normal, 2) med, 3 small)

2. Positive/Negative

Is not a diet, but a lifestyle

2. see labels

3. necessity to become active

3. sleep/ energy level

3. changing the old habits

Focus of re-organization

4. things to avoid and why

4. Muscle longevity/strength

4 Discuss positive benefits

Creativity: How creativity was applied in teaching strategies and methods?

It is employed to change the concept of focusing on physical activities and health into positive change. If people found it valuable, then they can take some time out from their schedule to work on it. The payoff is an unknown factor, and its creative part is changing the mindset of people with a light approach that will increase the awareness about the positive results of certain behavioral activities.

Internal Planned Evaluation of Objectives (Outcome Evaluation):

1) Was the audience responsive? 1-10

2) Was the information organized? 1-10

3) Did individuals seem to care? 1-10

4) Did individuals learn anything? 1-10

5) Was the method/approach reasonable? Yes/No, Explain

6) Would this be a class that I would recommend in the future? Yes/No, Explain

Planned Evaluation of Goal:

For evaluating the teaching plan, a short comments and questionnaire form will be available for those who want to respond. Responders will be treated like dark chocolates. The results will be produced in a form of a report. The main aim is to state practical modifications which can be implemented for improving the health of an individual through physical activities and nutrition.

Planned Evaluation of Lesson and Teacher (Process Evaluation):

The evaluation of the teacher and lesson are independent of each other based on circumstances. The evaluation will include the presentation, additional input, and the perception of the material.


The barriers include individuals moving in and out during the presentation, any disruptions, and lack of mutual respect. The request for translation should be handled before.

Notes: Therapeutic Communication

How you will begin the presentation and grab the audience’s attention?

By starting with greetings and ask participants to get seated. Then by being approachable, kind, and non-judgmental, introduce yourself and start the presentation.

Describe the activity type you will use with audience for the exhibition of active learning?

If the presentation has any interruption then ask for a hand or wait till the end.

Describe how you applied the process of active listening to tailor your presentation to your audience?

By asking questions in end and creating a positive environment.

How you will conclude the presentation? Which of the non-verbal techniques you will employ?

By addressing the participants for asking questions and giving directions to individuals towards the feedback forms and exit.


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