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Coalition Testimony Group Presentation

Coalition on Nutrition, Food, and Obesity

Identification of the Organization

As a stakeholder in the Nutrition, Food and Obesity Coalition, our main focus is to address the needs of people suffering from obesity and also advocate for better food and nutrition in order to prevent the development of obesity among populations.

The organization’s stand on the issue of obesity is that obesity is very rampant in our societies that it affects even young school-going kids. This isn’t a good reflection of our society and more efforts should be employed to minimize and manage obese cases among populations.

Proposed Bill S.2726

The bill S. 2726 that is referred to as ”Reducing Obesity in Youth Act of 2018” was formulated to ensure that the Public Health Service Act is amended in order to soundly address obesity among children.

The bill proposes that physical activity and healthy eating among children must be enhanced. This can be done through various forums which will involve the parents, teachers, trainers and any other stakeholder that interacts with children.

Our Stand on the Proposed Bill S. 2726

Our organization is fully supporting the Bill S. 2726 because the adoption of this bill will greatly reduce the cases of children with obesity.

Research has shown that kids who are over-weight while young tend to become obese while adults. Therefore, adopting the bill will minimize the cases of obese kids and young future adults.

I personally support this bill because through this bill, the lives of many children will be free from obese complications and a healthy lifestyle will be promoted.

The bill will also enhance the realization of our organization (and other organizations working to address obesity) goals of promoting healthy eating and managing obesity cases in a proper manner.

I would ask all policy makers to vote YES for the Bill S. 2726 as this will be a big milestone in promoting healthy foods and nutrition and, in turn, tackle obesity cases within the human population.

Personally, I have witnessed children who suffer from obesity due to their unhealthy lifestyle. For instance, instead of playing outside, most kids prefer to play video games. This increases their inactivity levels thereby promoting the occurrence of obesity. Therefore, voting YES for a bill that will reduce a child’s screen time and increase his/her outdoor playtime will be a plus to the fight against obesity cases among children.

Research by Alston, Okrent, & Parks (2012) acknowledge that obesity is a public health menace that affects most American population. They, therefore, find it more effective to implement policies that will curb this menace. Voting the Bill S. 2726 will be a major milestone in the fight against obesity.

It is our duty to take care of the health issues of our children since they are the future leaders. For us to maintain a healthy population in the future, more work should be done today. The Bill S. 2726 is a good platform that will allow us to address the issue of obesity in children. Let us strive to provide our kids with a healthy environment to live in.

Thank you for providing me with a platform to air my views and listening to me.


Alston, Okrent, & Parks (2012).