mkt 305 discussion


1st DB:

COVID-19 is growing at a rate that I am assuming many of us, including myself, did not expect. The CDC contains so much information about this virus that it can sometimes be hard to understand. CDC uses source credibility to there advantage. I do not know of any other source that I would trust more than the CDC regarding the information on COVID-19, and the government is making it very clear that we need to listen by constantly reminding us to listen to the CDC and check their website for updates. The information should continue to come through the CDC as we continue into this unknown territory because that is just what it is. Many of us have never seen anything like this and we need to be able to turn to a reliable source in time of need. I believe that all important information should continue to be provided by the CDC in a timely fashion.

2nd DB:

When looking at the CDC website on how to control COVID-19 the biggest thing was "know how it spreads." Under this section they mentioned how there is no vaccine to prevent the coronavirus disease and that the best way to prevent it is to avoid being exposed to this virus. This meaning, to basically cut off all human contact with others for as long as the government tells you to do so. With this, some may think that this is a very healthy decision to do this and others may think it is ridiculous. I am a bit of both. I believe that the attitudes of others who are just sitting in their houses and doing nothing else is negatively affecting this world because they get mad at those who are going out and about for walks, grocery stores when they did not stock up like a crazy person before the lock down was in place. these behaviors are unacceptable to me because there are first people out there who simply cannot afford to to buy in bulk and stockpile when the stores have never closed once in this, the hours may have changed a bit but that is it. In the end this is something that is getting blown out of proportion due to this happening every election year. This is still a very sad and serious time but the media also only wants to put out the bad that happens and not the good and that is what bothers me. The behavior should be distributed in a positive way by giving out the information that people who are getting the virus are actually recovering. They never say how many people have recovered from it, only those who have died. That behavior is not demonstrated in a efficient and positive way. When giving out the information that the US now has more deaths than any other country, they are not thinking about. how in the US we have test kits more readily than places like China did. China may have had less documented cases but that is only because of less test kits available to test people. Overall, I know that this could be distributed and demonstrated a lot better than it has. 

_____________________________________________________________________________________3rd DB:

The CDC website has an enormous amount of information on how to control COVID-19 and how to keep yourself safe. The CDC explains how the disease is spread, the symptoms of the disease and what to do if you have symptoms, and a list of ways to help prevent people from getting or spreading the virus. COVID-19 is very similar to the flu, it can spread through the air from coughs and sneezes. The most important tips the CDC gave were to clean your hands often and avoid close contact with others aka social distancing. People's attitudes and involvement are mainly based on what they believe about the news being shared. People who don't believe the news and think this isn't a serious pandemic, will continue to go about their normal days and not follow the correct precautions. On the other end, people who show high involvement will be following the news everyday, following the guidelines from our President, and immediately isolating if they think they have symptoms. Conflicting attitudes about something this serious is causing the biggest issue. People who don't stay inside are putting themselves and others at risk. 

_____________________________________________________________________________________4th DB:

The CDC website explained how the virus is spread, what a person should do if they have symptoms of the virus, and listed ways to prevent people from getting the virus and spreading it more. COVID-19 is spread through the air via sneeze and cough. The CDC emphasized washing your hands more and to stay at home during this outbreak. People's attitudes and involvement with this virus are solely based on if they believe if it is as bad as the news makes it out to be or ignore the guidelines because they view it as another form of the flu. People who show high involvement with trying to contain the spread will watch the news every day for updates, will stay at home, and isolate themselves from their family if they begin to have symptoms of the virus. People with low involvement will continue to hang out with their friends and family that they did not originally start quarantine with.

_____________________________________________________________________________________5th DB:

The Corona Virus has taken the world by storm. Many people that are my age are not doing there fair share of social distancing and it's scary. I think many of us shouldn't panic but just be safe about the virus. I know someone who has died from it and my neighbor is even in the hospital for it. I have learned that the virus can last from 2-14 days after exposure. The virus symptoms are shortness of breath, fever, and cough. The correct time to seek medical attention is if you have trouble breathing, pressure in the chest, inability to get up or blush lips/face. The virus is spread from person to person. As of now, there is no vaccine to prevent the COVID-19 virus and the best thing to do is social distance yourself from others. Everyone needs to make sure they are constantly washing their hands and avoid touching their face. Me and my family have been social distancing and we spray down everything at our house with Lysol. The government are using high involvement with the media such as the news and commercials to keep us informed. They are repeatedly telling us to stay home, wash our hands, and social distance. The families who are staying home are doing low involvement activities with other people by staying away. When this happens it caused consumers to have a strong positive attitude to purchase hand sanitizers, disinfecting sprays, and even toilet paper. This virus is not a joke and everyone needs to take it more seriously!