Infrastructure as Code Report


Christopher Weaver

Project 2 Lab 2

· Went to CloudFormation in the AWS dashboard and created new stack with designer. Dragged the VPC resource to the canvas and gave it a CIDR block of Next I pulled the Internet Gateway onto the canvas and gave it a dependency relationship between the VPC and Internet Gateway. This was done by dragging the brown dot from the Internet Gateway and attaching it to the VPC. The Internet Gateway was attached by the blue dot to the VPC. I validated the template with the validation template located at the top of the screen. I then saved the template to my local desktop.

· I provisioned the stack by uploading the template that I created and saved locally. I gave the stack name CCA625-P2-CPW. Once I created the stack it showed on the dashboard as created.

· I verified that the new VPC was available by navigating to my VPCs in the management console. It showed in green as available.

· I also verified that the Internet Gateway was attached by navigating to the Internet gateway on the left pane.

· After I was completed I deleted the cloud formation stack and VPC’s and ensured that they were deleted as to not accrue charges from AWS.