Unit 7 Paper and Powerpoint




Camry S. Griffith

Belhaven University

MSA 670

July 31, 2021

Dr. Woods


There are many things that could be incorporated or used to impact a sports organization. They could buy a better facility, hire new coaches, get the best athletes in the universe, and so many other things that could enhance the organization. Many people think that it is great leadership that allows for an organization to thrive. Although great leadership, is a must have for an organization and its future, the most important thing for them to have is Jesus Christ embedded into their organization. It is important that an organization as a Christian Worldview in their organization. There is no success like having many souls who have or will dedicate their lives to walk in the path with the Lord and Savior of this nation.

In a sports corporation, it is very value for the organization to have a Christian Worldview. The worldview starts from the foundation of the organization. The organization should be built on Christian Worldview values and morals. It will help with the mission statement and the way that the organization functions as a whole to ensure that those values and morals are being followed throughout. It will set the tone of what is expected at the organization out of everyone who is an employee with the company.

A company has to ensure that the person who is going to be the Chief Executive Officer demonstrates Christian Worldviews. This is more than hiring someone who can quote bible scriptures and who does kind acts in front of people. It is important that the Chief Executive Officer has true integrity. It is important that he or she does the right things no matter the situation even if it is not good for self. It is important that they look out for their flock to ensure that they are treating everyone equally and truly have the best of everyone interest at heart instead of having a side agenda of his or her own. When feelings of self-superiority are threatened by comparative others, people may even derogate others’ morality to glorify themselves (Jordan & Monin, 2008). This is only one important attribute that a Christlike leader has to obtain there are things like forgiveness and being a leader by actions and not by words.

Forgiveness is another attribute that a Chief Executive Officer will have to obtain in order to put in a Christian Worldview in a company. This has to be something that is truly in their heart. This act cannot be faked. This is an act that will people to so many of the employees in the organizations. It will show them that everyone makes mistakes, but everyone also deserves to be forgiven if they are truly sincere about the forgiveness. It is as if Christ does for this world, forgives and gives another chance to get things right with him. Employee’s understanding that level of forgiveness will reduce stress levels at work by showing them that sometimes it’s okay to be wrong, but there can be a chance for redemption.

In the organization, the community also has to be a factor. If a CEO and a community leader could work together to bring sports and a Christlike living together, it could truly change things for the organization, but not only the organization, the community too. Conservation Of Resources theory, people attempt to obtain, maintain, and preserve those things that they deem valuable (Brouer, Gallagher, & Badawy, 2016). The impact that those two topics could make by coming together could truly empower an entire new generation of leaders to be birth and followers of Christ.

In conclusion, implementing a Christian Worldview into an organization would not be easy. It would be difficult because everyone is not all in with Christ as others are. Everyone has their different beliefs and traditions. When an organization does implement the Christian Worldview in it, things around the office would be different. It will show everyone the true meaning of Christ love that he gives every single day. It is truly a great thing to know the Lord and to implement his teaching in a life of his sheep


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