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Loss Prevention Interview Transcripts for Michael, Sarah, and Rachelle; and Security Camera Footage

Sources for Week 3 Assignment - Fitting the Pieces Together: Creating a Timeline of Events


Michael’s Loss Prevention Interview Transcript Summary

Michael is one of two company service techs working during the 90-minute window. He works in television repair and accessed the hallway where the missing equipment was stored four total times (two going, two returning). He does not have a key, but his lead does and it is hanging on a nail at the lead’s desk. He is away from his work area for 35 minutes during the time in question.

Rachelle’s Loss Prevention Interview Transcript Summary

Rachelle is the second of two service techs working during the 90-minute window. She works in appliance repair and has a key to the supply closet because she was supervisor that afternoon. She accessed the hallway eight times during the time in question (four going, four returning). One of those times returning, she was involved in an argument with Michael as the two walked back.

Sarah’s Loss Prevention Interview Transcript Summary

Sarah is the front desk associate. Her cubicle is positioned in direct camera view. The package with the equipment in question arrives 2 minutes after the start of the window. Sarah checks the package in, walks with the items (including the equipment) down the hall to the storage closet (out of view of the camera), and returns 5 minutes later empty-handed. Her job requires her to frequently move from her cubicle and she moves towards the hallway and out of camera view over a dozen times. One time she heads to the breakroom (down the hallway past the storage closet) for a period of 17 minutes. She is present at her cubicle when Michael and Rachelle return and have their argument.

Security Camera Footage Summary

The security camera focuses on the front receiving cubicle. Next to the cubicle is the entry door to the repair floor where all technicians enter and exit. The camera view sees (left to right) the cubicle, the technician door, a time clock on the wall, and the beginning of the hallway. Down the hallway (out of view) is the storage closet, restrooms, an emergency exit, a primary entry door (locked with a keypad for employees to enter or exit and a doorbell for visitors), and an entry door to the breakroom.

Michael’s Loss Prevention Interview Transcript

Loss Prevention Manager (LPM): Hello, Michael. Can you please state your job title for the recording?

Michael: Television technician.

LPM: Thank you. As a television technician, what do you do?

Michael: Fix TVs and stuff.

LPM: And how long have you worked here?

Michael: Three years or so. Why am I here?

LPM: We’ll get to that.

Michael: Look, I have nothing but problems with Rachelle every day. Whatever she says I did, I didn’t.

LPM: [slides a picture over to Michael] Does this look familiar?

Michael: It’s a scope. This is the one I asked Jeremy to order a month ago.

LPM: Jeremy, your lead?

Michael: Yeah.

LPM: Was it ordered?

Michael: Must have been. It was sitting on the front desk last week.

LPM: Why did you need this? Did you need to replace one at your desk?

Michael: No, too expensive for all of us to have one at our workstations. That would cost them thousands.

LPM: Thousands?

Michael: Probably. Plus, if we all had them, then everybody in appliances and computers would want them and that’s way too much.

LPM: How often do you use these?

Michael: We don’t. We don’t have any of them right now.

LPM: Right now?

Michael: Haven’t had one since I’ve been here. Don’t know where the one that came in went to. Probably over to another team ‘cause that’s how things go around here.

LPM: It did not go to another team. It’s missing.

Michael: Gone?

LPM: Missing.

Michael: Shoot, we could really use it. I have three units in my testing area that would be fixed a lot quicker if I knew what was really going on with them.

LPM: The scope arrived last Tuesday around 3 p.m. Can you walk me through your afternoon that day?

Michael: Yeah, same thing that always happens. I start my afternoon part installs, take a break, finish my installs and tests, and go home.

LPM: When was your break?

Michael: Man, I don’t know.

LPM: How long are your breaks in the afternoon?

Michael: Like 10 minutes.

LPM: 10 minutes?

Michael: Something like that. I don’t keep track.

LPM: Your supervisor—

Michael: Here we go.

LPM: The floor supervisor reported that you took a very long break last Tuesday.

Michael: I’m sure she did.

LPM: The security camera shows you were gone for nearly 40 minutes.

Michael: What camera?

LPM: The one on the time clock.

Michael: Look, I’m just trying to do my stuff and go home. I don’t want anything else. Rachelle doesn’t like me ‘cause I work faster than her and have good numbers.

LPM: This has nothing to do with her feelings on you as an employee. An expensive piece of equipment, by your admission, went missing and you were one of a handful of people who were here when it arrived. Any thoughts on that?

Michael: I need this job to feed my kids. I’m not doing nothing to make that a problem. With Rachelle around, there’s nothing but problems. That’s all I have to say.

LPM: One last question: do you have a key to the storage closet by the main doorway?

Michael: No.

LPM: No?

Michael: Nope. Supervisors and up have keys, not us techs. Man, you know that.

LPM: Thank you for your time.

Rachelle’s Loss Prevention Interview Transcript

Loss Prevention Manager (LPM): Hello, Rachelle. Please have a seat.

Rachelle: Hi.

LPM: You are the acting supervisor in the afternoon after main shift leaves, correct.

Rachelle: Yes.

LPM: Perfect. We’re here to talk about an incident that occurred last Tuesday.

Rachelle: With Michael?

LPM: Not exactly.

Rachelle: Okay. That’s what we should be talking about.

LPM: Do you and Michael have a difficult working relationship?

Rachelle: We have nothing but difficult relationships.

LPM: What was that?

Rachelle: Nothing. He’s just hard to work with.

LPM: Are you aware that an expensive piece of test equipment went missing last Tuesday?

Rachelle: When?

LPM: In the afternoon.

Rachelle: I knew he was gone too long to just be on break.

LPM: Who?

Rachelle: Michael. He said he fell asleep in the breakroom. Sarah called to let me know he’d been gone for a while from his desk. Sure enough, there he was, plopped in front of the TV. He’s a clown.

LPM: What did you say to him?

Rachelle: Get himself back to work and finish up. He had a high-priority job that needed out that afternoon for a cash paying client.

LPM: Did he get it out?

Rachelle: Finally, yeah. He was in line ready to go home and I made him go finish it.

LPM: Going back to Sarah.

Rachelle: She’s front desk. She’s here Tuesdays and Thursdays.

LPM: Right. Does she frequently monitor employee breaks for you?

Rachelle: Not really.

LPM: This is the first time?

Rachelle: No, she just keeps an eye on things that look weird and lets me know if something is up.

LPM: Did she take any breaks Tuesday afternoon?

Rachelle: I don’t know. Maybe?

LPM: Camera footage puts her away from her desk for about 17 minutes.

Rachelle: She might not have been on break. She could have been putting stuff away, dealing with a vendor that arrived late or a truck.

LPM: Is it common for no one to be at the front desk for long periods of time when there are few employees working?

Rachelle: That’s not really anything I pay attention to.

LPM: You are the supervisor in the afternoons.

Rachelle: Yeah, I just do overrides and make sure people are doing their jobs. That’s about it.

LPM: Isn’t monitoring who is coming and going part of that?

Rachelle: I just keep things moving for the few people that are here. I have a job to do, too.

LPM: [slides a picture over to Rachelle] Do you know what this is?

Rachelle: It’s expensive.

LPM: Yes. Anything else?

Rachelle: It’s a scope. Just about every department could use one here. This what went missing?

LPM: Yes.

Rachelle: Somebody probably sold it.

LPM: Why do you think that?

Rachelle: It’s expensive. Everyone could use a little extra money.

LPM: Do you think someone who works here could do that?

Rachelle: I bet he already did.

LPM: He?

Rachelle: It’s pretty obvious, right? Seems like something Michael would do.

LPM: That’s a serious allegation.

Rachelle: Wouldn’t put it past him. He was here and had a big window to do it.

LPM: He does not have keys to the storage area, correct?

Rachelle: His team supervisor does. They are hanging right by the desk. Maybe 15 feet from where he works.

LPM: Thanks for your input.

Rachelle: Sure. Anytime.

Sarah’s Loss Prevention Interview Transcript

Loss Prevention Manager (LPM): Hello. Please sit down, Sarah.

Sarah: Thanks.

LPM: I asked for this meeting because a very pricey piece of equipment went missing.

Sarah: Last week?

LPM: Yes. Last week.

Sarah: I knew it. The invoice said it was expensive.

LPM: Can you walk me through what happened around 3 p.m. last Tuesday?

Sarah: The delivery driver brought the packages, as usual.

LPM: As usual?

Sarah: The same person each day.

LPM: You work part-time, correct?

Sarah: Tuesdays and Thursdays mostly. Sometimes they bring me in other days but not for a while now.

LPM: Okay, continue please.

Sarah: I checked the stuff in, nothing major really. Usual cleaning stuff, some filters, and that big thing. The expensive one. It was pretty heavy, too.

LPM: Once you checked it in, what did you do?

Sarah: Took it right to the storage closet.

LPM: The locked closet?

Sarah: Yes. It’s always locked because there’s who knows how much in stuff inside. Like big money stuff.

LPM: So you put it inside the closet and locked it back?

Sarah: Of course. I’m not going to be on the hook for none of that.

LPM: How long between when you checked in the items and put them away? How much time, I mean?

Sarah: Right away.

LPM: Right away?

Sarah: Yes, I said I didn’t want to be responsible for that stuff.

LPM: Did anyone else have access to the items between when you checked them in and when you put them away?

Sarah: No.

LPM: No?

Sarah: Well, I did get a phone call about an item in for service. Michael stopped at my desk and messed around with stuff.

LPM: The incoming items?

Sarah: Yeah, I think so. He’s always doing stuff like that. Moving stuff on my desk and flipping my monitor around and stuff. He thinks it’s funny.

LPM: What do you think it is?

Sarah: He’s just playing. Seems like a nice guy.

LPM: The reason you are here is sometime after that scope—

Sarah: Scope?

LPM: The item of value you mentioned earlier. It was a scope.

Sarah: Oh, I didn’t know what it was. Just was heavy.

LPM: After you put it away in the locked cabinet—

Sarah: It definitely was locked.

LPM: Right. It went missing. Can you think of what could have happened to it after you locked it up?

Sarah: Nobody fooled with that closet the whole time I was here.

LPM: No one had access?

Sarah: No, I can see it the whole time while I’m at my desk. No one bothered it.

LPM: Were you at your workstation the entire afternoon?

Sarah: Yes.

LPM: The whole time?

Sarah: Yes. Didn’t leave.

LPM: Who had access to the locked cabinet?

Sarah: Just me.

LPM: What about the supervisor?

Sarah: Rachelle? Oh, yeah, her too.

LPM: And the technician on duty that afternoon. Did he have access?

Sarah: Probably not. I don’t think they have keys.

LPM: Did you give him your keys at any point that afternoon?

Sarah: He went to the restroom. Need a key for that. So he took them and came right back.

LPM: He gave them right back to you?

Sarah: Yep. Right in my hands.

LPM: The key ring for the restroom also has the key for the storage closet? Is that correct?

Sarah: Hmmm . . . I guess it does.

LPM: Do you think there’s any chance someone could have accessed the locked storage closet between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. last Tuesday and taken the scope?

Sarah: No. I really don’t.

LPM: It was missing when the opening manager arrived Wednesday morning and the closet was locked.

Sarah: Well, I don’t know what happened.

LPM: Okay, thank you for your time today.

Sarah: You’re welcome. Can I go now?

LPM: Yes, please shut the door behind you.

Security Camera Footage

2:52 p.m.

Line of 13 people from various departments waiting to punch out at time clock. Sarah sits at her computer and glances over at the time clock as each person punches out.

3:01 p.m.

Final person in line punches out at time clock and exits.

3:02 p.m.

Delivery person (entering through main doorway) arrives with three packages. Sarah accepts delivery and signs for packages. Delivery person exits through main doorway.

3:07 p.m.

Sarah opens the first package, verifies contents against invoice, and sets item down on desk.

3:08 p.m.

Sarah opens the second package, verifies contents against invoice, and is interrupted by Rachelle (entering through technician doorway) who stops by Sarah’s desk for a 2-minute conversation. Rachelle exits towards the main doorway.

3:11 p.m.

Sarah returns to working, checks the invoice a second time, and places the item next to the others on her desk.

3:12 p.m.

Sarah opens the final package. She lifts a large white box with a picture of a testing scope on the side. She places it next to the other items previously opened, checks the item against the invoice, and nods.

3:14 p.m.

Sarah answers a phone call. All items are still placed in exactly the same spots on her desk.

3:14 p.m.

Rachelle re-enters from the main doorway area. She walks quickly through the main technician doorway.

3:23 p.m.

Michael exits the technician doorway. He sees Sarah on the phone and walks over to her desk. She puts her finger up and Michael moves to the other side of her desk behind Sarah. He picks up a few of the different items sitting on Sarah’s desk. She abruptly turns and he places the items neatly back where he found them.

3:24 p.m.

Sarah hangs up the phone. She and Michael have a conversation as Sarah picks up the various items on her desk that Michael touched. Michael laughs, turns, and exits through the technician doorway.

3:25 p.m.

Sarah opens her top drawer near the checked-in items, pulls out a lanyard with keys, collects the checked-in items from her desk, and turns to walk out of view towards the main doorway.

3:30 p.m.

Sarah returns to view from the main doorway area, opens her drawer, and replaces her keys.

Rachelle enters from the technician doorway and moves quickly towards the main doorway and out of view. Sarah sits at her computer.

3:41 p.m.

Rachelle enters from the main doorway area, stops for a brief conversation with Sarah, and exits through the technician door.

3:50 p.m.

Michael enters through the technician door. He bounces a red rubber ball and walks slowly towards the main doorway. As he moves out of view, he loses control of the rubber ball and it skips in the direction of the main doorway. Sarah stands up and looks down the hallway towards the main doorway. She has a conversation and is very animated with her arms. She shakes her head, turns, and sits back down at her computer.

4:16 p.m.

Sarah picks up her desk phone and has a brief conversation. She points down the main hallway and shakes her head before hanging up the phone.

4:27 p.m.

Rachelle enters through the technician door. She stops at Sarah’s desk. Sarah stands, shrugs her shoulders, and points to the main doorway. She mimics Michael’s ball bouncing earlier and sits quickly in her chair. Rachelle throws her hands up in the air and briskly walks towards the main doorway.

4:29 p.m.

Michael enters from the main doorway area. He slowly walks until Rachelle comes into view. She speaks in his direction, he shakes his head, and moves quickly through the technician door. Rachelle is close behind him but Michael slams the door in her face. Sarah stands slowly as Rachelle pauses for a moment and stares at the closed door. She takes a breath, opens the door, and walks calmly through as the door closes behind her. Sarah takes a few steps towards the door, looks through the window in the door, and then walks to the main doorway. She stops, returns to her desk, and pulls her keys from her desk drawer. She exits towards the main doorway.

4:37 p.m.

Rachelle opens the technician door, sticks her head out, and looks over at Sarah’s empty desk. She turns her head to look down the hall towards the main doorway, leans, and then pulls her head back through the technician door threshold before closing the door.

4:46 p.m.

Sarah enters from the main doorway area. She tosses her keys on the desk but they slide and fall to the floor. Sarah sits down at her computer, picks up the phone, and dials. She has a brief conversation and hangs up the phone.

4:48 p.m.

Michael enters through the technician door. He stops at Sarah’s desk and points to her drawer. She turns, opens the drawer, and then promptly closes it. She shakes her head and turns back to her computer as Michael moves towards the main door. Sarah turns quickly, stands, and speaks down the hall. Michael stops in view, turns, and Sarah picks the keys up off of the floor. She hands them to Michael. He exits towards the main door.

4:49 p.m.

Sarah walks over to the light switch next to the time clock and turns off the overhead lights. Sarah exits towards the main door.

4:50 p.m.

Michael enters from the main door area, spinning the lanyard with the keys. He stops at Sarah’s desk, sets the keys down, and turns to exit the technician door. Michael turns, grabs the keys again, and exits towards the main doorway.

4:56 p.m.

Sarah enters from the main doorway area, opens her drawer, and slams it shut. She exits towards the main doorway area.

4:58 p.m.

Sarah enters from the main doorway area with her lanyard and keys. She opens the drawer, drops the keys inside, and closes the drawer.

4:58 p.m.

Michael enters from the main doorway area, and stands in front of the time clock. Rachelle opens the doorway, enters from the technician door, and points to the technician area. Michael and Rachelle exchange words before Michael quickly jogs through the technician door. Sarah and Rachelle have a conversation that lasts 2 minutes.

5:00 p.m.

Michael returns through the technician door. He walks right to the time clock, punches out, and exits towards the main doorway. Sarah and Rachelle watch him leave.

5:02 p.m.

Sarah turns off her computer, punches out at the time clock, and exits towards the main door.

5:03 p.m.

Rachelle walks over, checks the time clock, and exits through the main doorway.

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