Architecture Diagram


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Individual Assignment 1:

Application Architecture


Yanan Nie

Affirmation: I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this deliverable. All work that is not cited is entirely my own.


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Submit this assignment on Canvas. Use this file as your template. Rename it Lastname_Firstname_ITA1.docx before submission.


Logistics experts Inc (LEI). Posted separately.

Tasks: Draw the application architectures for: 1. Oracle EBS 2. Microsoft SharePoint and 3. The custom extranet application developed on the Microsoft.Net platform. Draw two diagrams for each system: a logical architecture diagram showing the layers and a physical architecture diagram showing the tiers.

Note: Some examples of required diagrams are in the slide deck used in class. Use outside research as necessary.

Use Visio with standard architecture notations (similar to diagrams in lecture slides) for all diagrams.

Submit as a single file with Visio diagrams pasted in the document. Do NOT embed Visio file.