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Upcoming Compliance and Governance Events A list o f upcoming GRC events compiled by Compliance Week Advertising Produc­ tion Manager Haley Navarro follows. For registration information, additional de­ tails, and the fu ll 2015 schedule, please go to and select “Events” from the C W toolbar.


May 3 - 8 N A T IO N A L C O M M E R C IA L L E N D IN G S C H O O L The American Bankers Association’s Na­ tional Commercial Lending School offers a 360-degree immersion into commercial lend­ ing best practices. This event will be a com­ bination of lectures, group discussions, com­ puter simulations, team activities, and case studies. Attendees will learn how to success­ fully manage their loan portfolio in the face of increasing competition, economic chang­ es, and a dynamic regulatory landscape. Dallas, TX

May 14-15 BEST P R A C T IC E S IN A C C O U N T IN G Best practices in accounting result in bet­ ter overall functionality of an organization. This ACS conference will cover a number of key areas including close optimization, social media risk, managing internal operations, best practices in accounting, budgeting and forecasting, and advanced metrics. Santa Clara, CA

May 14-15 T H E A T O Z 'S O F W R IT IN G A N D E N F O R C IN G E F F E C T IV E S T A N D A R D O P E R A T IN G P R O C E D U R E S GlobalCompliancePaneTs event will address recent enforcement actions for SOP-related violations. Attendees will review examples from warning letters and then review the good and bad SOPs and templates. Chicago, IL

May 17-22 C O R P O R A T E F IN A N C E : S T R A T E G IE S F O R C R E A T IN G S H A R E H O L D E R V A L U E Kellogg School of Management’s Corporate Finance Program will demonstrate how to effectively integrate financing and invest­ ment decisions to maximize value creation. Through lectures, cases, discussions and a review of current research, attendees will ex­ plore important questions and find answers

as to what investments one should make, which should be divested, and the impact fi­ nancing strategy can have on a bottom line. Chicago, IL

May 19-20 A C C O U N T IN G U P D A T E FO R T E C H C O M P A N IE S From the latest developments in revenue recognition, leasing, accounting for stock- based compensation, and regulatory reform to industry comment Letter trends, this ACS conference will address the latest develop­ ments in key areas. Sessions include SEC updates, M&A trends, technical accounting updates, and tax updates. Austin, TX

May 27 - 29 F IN R A 'S 2 0 1 5 A N N U A L C O N F E R E N C E FINRA’s 2015 Annual Conference provides compliance professionals, securities attor­ neys, and other industry leaders with the opportunity to hear regulatory priorities and share compliance solutions. This event features over 30 panels, 100 speakers and op­ portunities to earn CPE, CLE, and CRCP credits. Washington, DC

May 2 8 -2 9 R E V E N U E R E C O G N IT IO N A C C O U N T IN G U P D A T E ACS’ Revenue Recognition Update will cov­ er the new standard and compare differences to existing GAAP. Sessions include discus­ sion on the new rules, SAAS accounting, SEC perspective, case studies and practical examples, transition, and tax impact. Philadelphia, PA

May 28 - 29 T H E C O M P L E T E 1 0 9 9 , 1 0 4 2 - S , A N D F A T C A C O M P L I A N C E U P D A T E This event shares regulatory compliance is­ sues and best practices for collecting Forms W-9 and W-8, performing TIN matching, your information reporting requirements, if and when back-up withholding must begin and the withholding rates, efficient handling of CP-2100 / B-Notices, responding to IRS notices of proposed penalties, reporting to non-resident aliens, and compliance with the FATCA. Washington, DC

May 28 - 29 C Y B E R -S E C U R IT Y IN C ID E N T R E S P O N S E P R O G R A M

A N D P L A N S A cyber-security incident response program is a must for any organization using the In­ ternet. GlobalCompliancePanel’s event will address best practices and the standards that make up a cyber-security incident response program ; what teams should be part of your CSIRT team; how to conduct inexpensive tests of the CSIRT teams and programs; and how to determine your current gaps and pro­ vide milestones for correcting the gaps. San Francisco, CA

May 31 - June 3 H IG H E R E D U C A T IO N C O M P L I A N C E C O N F E R E N C E SCCE’s Higher Education Compliance Con­ ference will demonstrate how to increase the effectiveness of any institution’s compliance program, discuss emerging risks and issues with your peers, share best practices, and build valuable relationships. Austin, TX


June 1 - 3 IN T E R N A T IO N A L C O N F E R E N C E O N RISK A N A L Y S IS A N D C R I S R E S P O N S E With the U.S. economic recovery and the debt crisis in Europe, more experience and knowledge in risk analysis and crisis re­ sponse is needed. It is very important for emerging economies to avoid the same risk and crisis. Meanwhile, the changing world always is uncertain. The world needs more intelligent technologies to analyze risks and govern crises in high-efficiency and low- cost. The Society of Risk Analysis’ 5th In­ ternational Converence provides a forum to discuss these issues from a scientific and technical point of view and also in terms of management, services, or usages. Tangier, Morocco

June 9 - 1 2 S U P P L Y C H A IN M A N A G E M E N T : S T R A T E G Y A N D P L A N N IN G F O R E F F E C T IV E O P E R A T IO N S Kellogg School of Management’s Supply Chain Management Program will create op­ portunities for revolutionizing operations through increased efficiencies in the design and management of a supply chain. In this program, the faculty will present state-of- the-art models and practical tools for sup-

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ply chain management and multi-plant co­ ordination. Attendees will learn effective logistics strategies for operating complex networks and be inspired to integrate supply chain components into a coordinated system. Chicago, IL

June 9 -1 2 OPRISK EUROPE This event from Operational Risk & Regula­ tion will bring together operational risk pro­ fessionals from Europe and across the globe. European regulations demand that financial institutions adequately identify and mitigate operational risk, such as losses from inade­ quate or failed internal processes, people and systems, or from external events. The role of operational risk discipline has become mag­ nified. This event will identify control, over­ sight and systems weaknesses, and process flaws across different products and activities. London, U.K.

June 10-11 F IN A N C IA L AC CO UN TIN G & REPORTING UPDATE ACS’s Financial Accounting & Reporting Update will cover the latest developments from the FASB & SEC. Sessions include dis­ cussions on revenue recognition, SEC devel­ opments, financial accounting & reporting update, tax update for corporate accountants, fraud, SOX & internal control updates on COSO. Boston, MA

June 14 - 19 ACFE G LOBAL FRAUD CONFERENCE The Association of Certified Fraud Exam­ iners’ 26th Annual Global Fraud Confer­ ence attracts professionals from around the world who are involved with any aspect of identifying, preventing, and detecting fraud and white-collar crime in companies. From brand awareness to lead generation, this event offers an opportunity to connect with deci­ sion makers and influencers. In addition to 13 tracks of educational sessions, this conference will host experts in the anti-fraud field. Baltimore, MD

June 16 A N N U A L TA X SEM INAR The Institute of International Banker’s An­ nual Tax Seminar will bring together govern­ ment officials and private-sector experts who will provide a detailed and authoritative re­

view of the key tax issues and developments affecting internationally headquartered banking/financial institutions operating in the United States. New York, NY

June 18 - 19 REVENUE RECOGNITION AC CO UN TIN G UPDATE ACS’ Revenue Recognition Update will cov­ er the new standard and compare differences to existing GAAR Sessions include discus­ sion on the new rules, SAAS accounting, SEC perspective, case studies and practical examples, transition, and tax impact. Santa Clara, CA

M A Y 1 8-20 W A S H IN G T O N DC


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June 25 - 26 OPRISK A S IA The 10th annual OpRisk Asia conference, from Operational Risk & Regulation will feature operational risk, regulation and com­ pliance professionals from around the Asia Pacific region for two days of insight and learning opportunities. OpRisk Asia will cover emerging trends and strategies to navi­ gate the ever-changing landscape of opera­ tional risk management. Singapore


July 5 - 8 IIA IN TE R N A TIO N AL CONFERENCE The Institute of Internal Auditor’s 7th An­ nual International Conference will feature ten educational tracks and will cover a range of topics of current interest to internal audit

professionals at every level, from heads of in­ ternal audit to the staff auditor. Topics will include internal audit, fraud, governance, risk, IT challenges, and global issues. Vancouver, BC


Sept. 1 - 2 M A K IN G SENSE OF RISK APPETITIE This two-day training course will provide participants with a comprehensive under­ standing of risk appetite. Delegates will gain in-depth, practical knowledge of building a risk appetite framework, and consider wider strategic issues. New York, NY

Sept. 26 - 29 G LOBAL BOARD LEADERS' S U M M IT t The 2015 National Association of Corporate Directors’ Global Board Leaders’ Summit will bring together peers in corporate gov­ ernance for three days of dialogue, network­ ing, and insight. This event is designed to deepen the collective understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing board- rooms today. Washington, DC

Sept. 2 9 -3 0 AC CO UN TIN G UPDATE FOR TECH COM PANIES From the latest developments in revenue recognition, leasing, accounting for stock- based compensation and regulatory reform to industry comment letter trends, this event will address the latest developments in key areas. Sessions include SEC updates, M&A trends, technical accounting updates, and tax updates. Santa Clara, CA


Oct. 4 - 9 MERGER WEEK: CREATING VALUE THROUGH STRATEGIC AC QU ISITIO N ALLIANCES This program from the Kellogg School of Management will demonstrate how to evalu­ ate M&A from all angles and cover the entire M&A process, from assessing strategic fit to considering market trends to making financ­ ing decisions and forming strategic alliances. Chicago, IL

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