Forensic Accounting - Case Study


Book: Forensic and Investigative Accounting Eight Edition

Crumbley, Fenton, Smith, Heitger

Case Study


This is an individual project called Accounting Movies. In over 30 years of film history, male accountants have been portrayed as corrupt, inept, and dysfunctional, and if they are not, the movie flops. But if you are a female accountant, there are no issues. A diversion from this is the movie Seven Pounds starring Will Smith; it presents a character impersonating an IRS agent in a favorable role. 

Assignment Guidelines:

Select a movie.

1. My Cousin Vinny

2. Breach

3. Catch Me if You Can

4. Boiler Room

5. Caller

6. Untouchables

7. The Other Guys

8. Arbitrage

9. The Accountant

View the movie and explain the story, the role of the accountant, and the impact of the movie with regard to forensic accounting. Be sure to use sources related to forensic accounting and the impact related to forensic accounting.

Presentation Guidelines:

· Give an analysis, not a description, of the movie. 

· Use and apply theories and concepts from the course material; integrate course material where it is useful. Include at least two reliable references other than the course text.

· Be thorough.

· Be careful. Make sure you avoid plagiarism by using quotation marks and proper citation as required.

· Length should be 800 to 1,200 words, double-spaced.

· Use APA format for citations and (required) the References page. Remember that the significant portion of your analysis should be in your own words.