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Select a Business Scenario

BSA/425 v1.3

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Select a Business Scenario

For this assignment, you will select the business scenario for which you wish to analyze and develop a technical architecture. The purpose of the technical architecture, which you will develop during this 5-week capstone course, is to automate the business scenario and its processes.

In this course, you will develop a project based on one of the following:

· Scenario A: Financial Services

· Scenario B: Internet Bank

· Scenario C: Student-defined*

*Note: If you choose Scenario C, you must include a description of your scenario in sufficient detail for your instructor to evaluate its appropriateness for this capstone project. Before you can begin the next assignment in this course, you must obtain approval for your business scenario from your instructor.

Use the information below to make your selection. As you do so, keep in mind that the technical architecture you will develop will need to include network and cloud infrastructures, database management systems, software applications, cloud services, and cybersecurity solutions. The software applications and technology you decide to incorporate into your architecture must be accessible by businesses and/or individuals; that is, it must exist on the market today.

Scenario A: Financial Services. I choose scenario A William Beach

Imagine you work in the IT department of a financial services company that sells investments to, and manages investment portfolios for, high net worth individuals. Your organization uses custom-built legacy software applications and systems to support its sales processes. The sales software applications and systems are not integrated, and they do not support an enterprise view of the sales processes throughout the organization. Management is frustrated because the sales applications and systems do not provide the information and reports necessary for them to measure, monitor, and manage sales production in the organization. Sales executives and account managers are frustrated because the sales software applications and systems do not support the sales cycle for the products and services that the organization sells.

You have been assigned to analyze your organization’s sales processes and identify an IT system capable of improving the sales processes of your organization. In addition, your organization is looking for an easy-to-use, cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution to generate more leads, increase sales, improve customer service, reduce the cost of sales for the organization, and increase revenue.

Scenario B: Internet Bank

Imagine you work for a start-up company that is launching an internet bank. The internet bank will provide the following financial products and services to its customers:

· Accounts and deposits

· Credit, debit, and travel cards

· Loans

· Insurance

· Investments

· Tax services

Senior management and investors have identified the following key technical factors for the success of the internet bank:

· Scalability: The technology and software application infrastructure must accommodate high growth and new users without impacting the service levels delivered to existing users.

· Availability: Users must be supported with robust, consistent, and reliable access; excellent performance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

· Security: Industry-accepted security practices and a multi-level authentication system have to be put in place to authenticate and identify each user before they access their accounts and initiate transactions.

· Manageability: The technology and software applications infrastructure must be easy to manage, support, and update.

You have been assigned to analyze your organization and develop a technical architecture to support the business processes of this internet bank.

Scenario C: Student-Defined

Describe a business scenario (including short descriptions of the related business processes that make up that scenario, which can be similar to the descriptions in Scenario A and Scenario B) that you are interested in developing into a project. Remember to submit your description to your instructor for approval as soon as possible.

I would like to do scenario A for my project for this course.

William Beach

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Copyright 2020 by University of Phoenix. All rights reserved.