Immunology test 3




Figure 7.1


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Figure 7.3


    Uncommitted progenitor cell Double-negative thymocyte committed to the T-cell lineage
C D 34 Stem-cell surface marker Positive Negative
C D 44 Adhesion Positive Negative
C D 2 Adhesion and signaling Negative Positive
C D 5 Adhesion and signaling Negative Positive
I L-7 receptor (C D 127) Cytokine receptor Negative Positive
C D 1 A M H C class-I-like molecule Negative Positive
C D 4 Co-receptor Negative Negative
C D 8 Co-receptor Negative Negative
T C R genes Antigen receptor Germline Beginning to rearrange

Figure 7.5


Figure 7.6

Helpful video on T cell development

Interaction of a double-positive T cell with a self-peptide: self-MHC complex during positive selection determines whether the T cell will become a CD4 or a CD8 T cell.

What happens if a self-reactive T cells are not negatively selected for apoptosis?