Reflections Aligned to Theories


  Observation Reflections Aligned to Theories

Observe three of the following the observation listed below of each classroom, identify the activities that are developmentally appropriate. Activities should encompass physical, cognitive and affective development.

Teacher of Tomorrow – Sasha Luther exhibits the importance of group collaboration, risk-taking, and positive reinforcement is this video of her fifth-grade mathematics class.  Take note of her classroom organization, use of student-to-student praise, and different types of grouping that encourages student engagement.

Teacher of Tomorrow – Ali Christensen is working with her first graders in small group reading activities.  Each group has a different learning objective, offering a view of differentiation and classroom management when working with small groups.

Teacher of Tomorrow – Sarah House utilizes many classroom management strategies and techniques in her kindergarten classroom. Watch as she maintains student attention, redirects inappropriate behavior, organizes her classroom environment and has hand signals for students to gain her attention without stopping teaching.


You will write a 2 page paper to answering the following listed below:

· Identify the theorist associated with each developmental level.

· Identify the use of learning styles (Brain-based learning) or multiple intelligences

· Identify the theorist associated with learning styles and multiple intelligences in each instance

· Identify the motivational strategies utilized by the teacher and the theorist associated with the strategies.

· No Plagiarism

· You are expected to use professional language, spelling, and grammar.

Theorists you should utilize in this paper are the following: Jean Piaget, Erik Erikson, Lev Vygotsky, Abraham Maslow, Madeline Hunter, Howard Gardner, Eric Jensen. You may also use outside research into these theorists to complete this assignment.