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Chern’s Selection Plan


Chern is planning to hire two sales associates. Since the recruits are to work within the company’s flagship store, there is a need for them to possess given minimum requirements in order to be considered for the job. The individuals need to be excellent in customer handling skills and also possess high intellectual values in accordance with the company’s culture. Getting used to the operation s of the company also has to be quick. Though most of the times the company invest heavily in employee training, the two required employees need to be readily equipped with necessary skills and knowledge to carry on the company’s sales activities with immediate effect. For future management requirements, the candidates are required to be strong enough to take up various managerial positions in future. Therefore, all performance metrics are essential in assessment (Morrel-Samuels, P. (2009). 


According to the problem statement, the company needs 85% performance from the sales associates. Therefore, the sales team expects a highly qualified team that can work independently under minimal supervision. Experience and knowledge are paramount. Assessments will be based on both interviews which will cover the significant aspects of knowledge on sales. Besides, a universal task approach will be utilized to make sure that the entire team is fit to work under diverse conditions. The assessment must also incorporate a succession assessment for future management capabilities (Kim, S. (2003).

Skill Measurement

Measurement of skills refers to the assignment of values with respect to the candidate performance under various company requirements. Pre-screening test is essential in the establishment of precise measurement s that lead to the selection of the best candidate. Since the focus of Chern is on long-term service and development, a selected number that specifically applies to the selected roles will be utilized. The effectiveness of the tests will also rely on the initial cost allocated towards administration of examinations.

The following tests and interviews will be appropriate based on the company requirements of a sales associate:

· Technical skills test.

· Commercial skills interview.

· Psychometric test.

· Personality interview.

· Stress management and problem-solving test.

The following documents will be necessary for job assessment:

· Design of a specific measurable and achievable job description.

· Maintenance of proper documents.

· Prior information for all the staff members required to conduct the interviews.

· Establishment of standard score sheets which are consistent in capturing employee information.

· Communication of the necessities/requirements to all the interview members.

To minimize costs of assessment, all the above assessments and skill requirements will be covered in four evaluations. This will include cognitive ability tests, conscientiousness test, simulation and sales interest.




Cognitive Abilities: measures the ability to learn new skills and apply them promptly in both verbal as well as mathematical requirements.

Standard scores are awarded on a typical scale ranging from 85 up to 130 with an established mean rating of 112.5

$65 for each candidate

Conscientiousness: measures the persistence, dutifulness, attention to details, achievement, and responsibility of a candidate.

Typical measurement scales range from 1 to 6 with a mean score of 4.38

$90 for each candidate

Simulation: assesses and measures the candidate’s leadership, sales skills, customer service as well as a judgment under a work simulation.

Scores are possibly awarded from 0 up to 70 with a mean score of 43.75

$250 for every candidate

Sales interest: measures the attention of the candidate in sales as a career/vocational employment opportunity

Appropriate scores range from 1 to 4 with a mean score of 2.88

$40 per candidate

Total Cost for Eight Candidates


Cost Per Candidate

Total Cost

Cognitive abilities









Sales interest






Deviation from Target Amount



Test and Budget Commentary

Therefore, there is a more convenient cost of $ 3560 for all the expenses which is $440 less from the allocated budget of $4000. The savings represent 11% cost saving which is a reasonable amount that can cater for other tasks.

Cognitive ability test is a primary test that all candidates are required to perform well in order to represent the company well especially in brand promotion and cultural standards. The assessment test costs less and thus it is affordable with a first priority in the onset of hiring.

On the other hand, conscientiousness is core in the determination of a candidate’s commitment and dedication to the company for a lengthy period. Therefore, the company is dedicated to coming up with an appropriate candidate for the position to ensure that there is profitability in all sales operations. The test is less expensive and promotes work-oriented approaches to tasks.

Besides, simulations are essential in the determination of a candidate’s effectiveness and usability at work. The test will separate out candidates who cannot multi-task as well as those who lack customer service abilities. Such an analysis is not expensive as per the returns and importance it has for the company. Poorly performing candidates will be immediately excluded from the hiring process to save on time, and resources.

Sales interest is also an important measure of performance and profitability. The test accumulates all the skills and behavior that determine the level of interest and willingness to work in a sales team. Interested individuals are always resulted oriented and give the best so the test will be appropriate in selecting suitable candidates who conform to the expectations of the company.

Interviews and Commentary

Employees require an assessment questionnaire for adequate evaluation and assessment (Matthews, Gallus, and Henning, 2011). Both structured and unstructured interviews will be offered by appropriate staff members. Only two interviews will be administered. The interview costs are factored in employee costs and will be provided on a limited timeframe to minimize on further expenditures.

Unstructured interviews aim at personal skills that determine how a person best fits in a team. The interview also assesses the organizational cultural adaptation that surrounds give scenarios. The interview is vital in strengthening the brand name and depiction of fairness in the hiring process.

Nevertheless, structured interviews are based on job history, intellectual capacities as well as performance levels and achievements. The interview is structured in such a way that it determines the versatility of the candidate as well as flexibility. An all-around candidate is appropriate for sales tests since they involve both leadership skills and interpersonal relations. Flexibility helps in achievement of long-term goals.

Analytical Questions Score Sheet

The score will be awarded on a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 representing very poor and 10 representing excellent performance.


Primary cause

Customer policy

Company requirements

Condition of damage

Records of purchase

A dissatisfied customer returning a suit bought a week ago and is required in a party next day night?

Welcoming the customer

Stating history of the company

Giving information on company services

Company policy and quality services

Recording customer credentials for communication

A new customer enters and admits it is her first-time visit. What will you do to retain her in future?

Welcome all of them

Ask for their credentials

Inform them of company automated services provision

Ask them for customized service opportunities


You are on duty alone since other two colleagues are on sick leave. Five customers walk in office altogether. What will you do?

Resume Scores







Higher diploma


Associate degree

Bachelor’s degree

Customer Care and Service

Less than a year

1 to 2 years

2 to 4 years

5+ years

Job experience for last 4 years

No/low experience

More than 5 jobs

2 to 5 jobs

1 to 3 jobs

Leadership Position

Less than a year

1 up to 2 years

2 to 4 years

6+ years

Assessment Schedule and Actions





Applicant screening

Retain all candidates


Cognitive test

All who score below average will be faced out of the hiring process


Conscientiousness test

Those who perform well will be selected as candidates for Chern


Unstructured interview

Candidates who critically answer questions will be taken to the simulation test which is costly and the peak of the process


Simulation test

Candidates who perform well will be subjected to next level tests. However, those who fail will be considered for alternative positions.


Structured Interview

Candidates performing poorly will be subjected to score balance from previous tests. Best candidates will proceed.


Sales Interest

Long-term and willing sales associates will be selected.


Extension of Application

An advertisement regarding recruitment will be published in case the candidates selected do not exhibit interest or fail tests.


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