Assignment 5 N



Using the textbook, weekly lectures, terms to know list  (See Attachment #1) and other resources,  create a school newsletter titled “Legal Tips for Educators” on the topic(s)  you have been assigned by the instructor.  Be sure to include pictures, videos, article links, terms to know, cases, etc. in your newsletter.  Be Creative! Submit your newsletter to the Assignment Drop Box and to the Discussion Board titled Assignment # 5 Newsletter).

1. Teachers Contracts, Security of Employment and Freedom of Personal Life

2. Collective Bargaining and Copyright Law

3. Torts and Teacher Liability

4. Slander and Libel

5. Religious Freedom and Freedom of Association

6. Freedom of Expression Teachers and Students

7. Racial Discrimination and Sexual Discrimination Teachers and Students

8. School Choice and Student Records

9. Due Process and Privacy Teachers and Students

10. Personal Appearance and Emerging Legal Issues/Hot Topics in Education Today