research paper. ( due in 20 hours)


Paper Review Checklist

· Must include all sections

· Title Page

· Abstract

· Introduction/Literature Review

· Discussion/Conclusion

· References

· Appendix (Optional)

· Title page- with (interesting and relevant) title, author and school affiliation

· Abstract on separate page

· Brief summary of paper describing the topic and the findings

· Single paragraph, double spaced

· Introduction/Body of paper- about 6-7 pages in length

· Starts with paper title at top of page

· Introductory paragraph/Thesis statement- 1 paragraph

· Comprehensive literature review

· Discussion/Conclusion- 1- 2 pages in length

· Discuss what was learned from literature review and why it’s important

· Interpretation of findings; theoretical implications

· In-text citations

· Must be present throughout the document

· APA style

· All references should be used, not just 1 or 2

· All in-text citations must be listed on the Reference page

· Reference list

· APA style- Alphabetical order by last name or article title

· At least 4 references

· Comprehensive? Include a mix of academic and practitioner writings?

· Are there a variety of sources referenced?

· What is the quality of sources used?

· Includes all sources referenced throughout the paper

· Page numbers- top right hand corner

· Running head

· Total- 6-7 pages of text (not including title page, Abstract or Reference page)

· Formatted in APA style

· Grammar/spelling/punctuation

· Correct spelling, proper commas, proper apostrophes

· Complete, straightforward sentences (no sentence fragments, run-on sentences)

· Noun/pronoun/verb agreement, consistent verb tenses, correct word choice.

· General things to look for-

· Check for each of the items listed above and indicate where the information is missing or incorrect.

· Check for indications of plagiarism

· Is the paper clear and understandable? Does it flow well? Provide suggestions for how to organize and structure the paper to improve the overall flow.

· Ask for clarification where needed. Note where sections need more detail or elaboration. Identify what's missing, what needs to be explained more fully. Also identify what can be cut.

· Provide suggestions for additional information to include in the paper (e.g., specific relevant articles), or questions for the author to consider when revising the paper.

· Comments should be constructive.

· If you do not notice any areas for improvement, highlight some of the positive aspects of the paper.

· Comment on large issues first; Go on to smaller issues later.

· Concentrate on the most important ways the draft could be improved.

· Be specific in your response (explain where you get stuck, what you don't understand) and in your suggestions for revision. As much as you can, explain why you're making particular suggestions.